Huh?! Roki adores Drew Barrymore – Big Brother Africa Update

Roki has already had hits on Barbz, Lady May and new Upville star Maneta.

Play boy and Upville star Roki has no plans of giving up on his dreams of hitting at any woman that crosses his path.

Roki was recently talking to fellow Upvillers in the kitchen where he admitted to having a crash on Drew Barrymore.
“I will make myself the man she wants. I’ve even done research on her, I know who she is and what she likes.” Roki continued to say that he had already done his donkey work on Barrymore.
“The first time I saw her, a tear came out. If she comes here tomorrow, I will be her man.” Roki said that he is so determined to get her and that he would love to have her address. Lol!!

Roki Never Fail to Entertain in Big Brother Africa.

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