Vlisco launches ‘Palais des Sentiments’ collection

In line with its focus on incorporating elements from various cultures into its fabrics, Vlisco’s latest collection, Palais des Sentiments, features a rich, opulent mix of textures, jewel-toned prints and fluid silhouettes. The collection was inspired by dreams of romantic palaces and of delicate, dancing fabrics, and by the contrast of light, bright sunshine with dark shades and glittering golden moons, this collection is characterized by intricate pattern and vivid colors.
In a first for Vlisco, the Palais des Sentiments Luxury Editions feature a mix of java, wax and super wax fabrics and even melds together fabrics using an ornamental gold border of sequins and Lurex in a

groundbreaking design it calls Golden Glamour, creating an extra wide (180 cm) cloth.

The fabrics have also been used to create a chic handbag collection with exquisite detailing, such as handcrafted stitching, decorative henna-like holes, delicate leather trims, golden rivets and luxurious leather toggles.
Go glamorous……..Go the Vlisco way
About Vlisco

Since 1846 Vlisco has been designing and producing colourful fashion fabrics that form an essential part of the lively West and Central African culture. Vlisco has a sense of the expressive and creative strength of African consumers and, for generations, has succeeded in surprising and inspiring her passionate clientele with unique designs. Vlisco is one of the four brands in the Vlisco Group; the main office is located in Helmond, while the Brand & Marketing and Sales Departments are located in Amstelveen. The Vlisco Group has sales offices in numerous African countries and around 2,400 employees.

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