What is LAMBA? Find out more about Hakym the Dream LAMBA Tour, Music and Life

 Interview by Wale Applause

I have been on this dude named Hakymthedream for a while now. I have been wanting to talk to him, and just after a couple meets, I was able to share a couple LAMBA hours with him. This wasn’t supposed to be an interview, but when my questions became unbearable for him, we decided to officially make it an interview. I must say that this dude is very funny and I wonder why he chose music and not comedy. After a couple LAMBA hours, this was how the official interview went. You can bet Hakym cannot make anything official. His funny attitude did not leave him all through.

Who is Hakymthedream?

I am a crazy, fun loving, funny, Afro-R&B Lamba King who loves you *Winks*

• A brief into your background and lifestyle

I’m a hood boy! Born and raised in Surulere. I grew up listening to the likes of Fela, Micheal Jackson and R-Kelly. I found out I could sing very early in life and in my secondary school, I would climb on stage and perform Fela’s songs in my under pants. I think about it now and I laugh because i was so skinny then, lol, just like Fela.

I also remember sneaking out of the house to go for rehearsals and night sessions and getting flogged repeatedly for doing that, but still, I did it again, because music gives me joy, growing up was hard, but it was the music that kept me going.

My lifestyle has evolved over the years, musically and physically. But right now, by status, I am the Lamba king, Oshe! So I live like one. Lol. Anyways, I love fashion, football, movies, and most importantly i love singing and performing. Like most artistes I’ am always busy now but I still find time for my mom and siblings and enjoying the small luxuries of life. Hehe

What kinda music do you do?
Basically I do Hip-hop and R&B but as someone that has performed baba 70’songs, I call my style of
music, Afro Hip-hop and R&B, Lamba daht!

Why music?

Why not music? I mean it was music or nothing! I sang and produced my way up here! It’s
what kept me going, even when times were hard, it kept me out of trouble. Like I would rather
sing and hang around studios than do what the rest of the boys were doing in the hood. Music
took me through all of that, made me happy, put food on ma table, so I ask you again, why not
music? Oya answer!

Let’s discuss your kind of music, your Inspirations, Mentors…

My mentors? lets go… Ofe she lu, Aya ka ta! Aya ko to, Aya ka ta! Fela is Epic y’all. He is my
no1 mentor in Africa. MJ has been a strong influence in my music too and R kelly just did it
all, mehn that guy is sick! I love is creativity the most .It’s because of people like him that i
can confidently sing ‘Dey Dere’ and then turn around and go: ‘LambaLimboLamba’. I get my
inspirations from all around me, am real like that, i see a Limbo, I sing it! I see a Lamba, i sang
it. Dats wussup.

Challenges faced ever since you chose music as a career

Challenges, Hmm… Before signing to Serengeti Music, it was hard o. I had to do Everything by myself, I write, produce and even direct my videos sometimes, in fact I broke a record one time by composing, singing, producing and shooting the video of a movie soundtrack called ‘Demilade’ in just ONE DAY! It was crazy, I tell you. Thanks to Ak One and Habdul media, those guys got ma back to those days, helped ease off the workload and tension. And thanks to Serengeti, right now, there’s division of labour, now i can take my time, relax, get more creative and make more money.

First song

Wheew! My 1st song??? Can’t remember for now. I have too many songs or you mean my 1st official single? That will be Olufunmilayo, next was ‘Plenty plenty’ for which I got the prestigious ChannelO nomination.

First hit song
That will be ‘Dey Dere’, that song and the video, earned me a place in the Nigerian Music industry
for sure.

How did your family accept your musical career

Ehn??? Iya Hakeem! My mum didn’t take it easy with me at first, because being a teacher, her 1st priority was my education, but later on she knew i was born to do this. Am not sure she and my dad actually saw it coming though. My dad had no idea i was gonna go this far but he’s cool with it now, After all na him dey play MJ’s song ‘Am bad’ for me when I dey small so wetin him dey expect?

What’s in the future, what do we expect from you in the nearest future?

Am doing it BIG, you’ll almost think am signed to BADBOY ENT but everything Serengeti!!! The Lamba club tour is on, expect a Lamba campus tour later this year, I have the Lamba remix featuring Wizkid in the pipeline and a whole lot of things that I still wanna keep under wraps but expect a lot from me o, Hmm.. Lamba daht!

How have you been able to handle fame?

I’m Born to Do This! Lamba that!!!

Any proposed International collaboration or tour?

The Lamba South Africa tour is due soon. Come 17th and 18th of may, we’ll be ‘Lambaring‘ South Africa like no man’s business. Then we’ll be back to lagos, The 1st Naija tour will take place in Lagos, Lounge 38, Adeniran Ogunsanya while the second one will be at Qlounge, Victoria Island, on the 1st of June. After that, we’ll tour the rest of Naija. Definitely, there’ll be an International act on my album, but let’s keep our fingers crossed shall we?

Let’s talk more about your tour
Wetin dey to talk again. Its gonna be a show stopper, And i’m getting mad support from my colleagues in the industry. So it’s gonna be a night of fun and Lambaring.

Challenges faced as an artiste
As an artiste, I think my greatest challenge is topping my last rating. One is always under pressure to get better. Your new song has to be better than the last. Your fans expect a whole lot from you, so you can’t let them down. We have to work our ass out to impress them. And when we do, we love the love we get from them. *Big Smile*

Where do you see the future of the Nigeria music factory?
Of course its gonna get better, bigger and more structured. Now that our music is drawing so much attention from the western world, I expect the change soonest. Its not going to be drastic, but it will come.

Advice to up and coming Artists

My advice is simple. If you have the talent, then believe in yourself, listen to advices from Elders like us, trust no one, be humble, be real and never give up. And don’t deceive yourself. Tell yourself the truth always, that’s the only way you can get better.

• What have always been your watch words?

With God everything is possible. I mean look at me, I was that small boy with big dreams, today
I am living the dream.

Parting words to your fans

Whether rain or sun, Lamba turn Limbo, Limbus do the Titus, I love you guyz die! Lamba daht!!

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