Competition: Write 300 words about #FuelSubsidyScam and Win #50,000 naira

Fellow Nigerians,

In a bid to keep the fuel subsidy scam in the news, is running a competition all month for four of the best short pieces that best answers ” The cost of the fuel subsidy scam to my…” you decide whether to your family, your state, your country. I expect as many of us as possible to join. This is not for so called writers alone because we all bear the brunt of the criminality. If you can write 3 tweets in a day then 300 words should be small fry for you.

Because I also want this to go all out to those who are not essentially on Facebook and Twitter, these are what will decide the winners:

1. The share icons (twitter, facebook, google+ etc underneath each article will count for 40 points) so you have to share your work and get your friends to do same.

2. If I get a BlackBerry broadcast of your post from at least 5 different people you get 20 points

3. Our judges decide on the remaining 40 points based on the best 10 placed 10 notes from above.
The winners will be announced next month.

Send works to as it starts now. The earlier you send in entries, the earlier you get posted , the earlier you start counting your votes.

PS: over 300 words will be disqualified. Use numbers as much as possible. Please share because this is not about money as it is about making sure the #fuelsubsidyscam does not die!

1st: N20,000.00
2nd: 15,000.00
3rd: 10,000.00
4th: 5,000.00


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