Forbes Magazine’s five wealthiest artists – P Diddy Tops List

P Diddy, The HipHop mogul  is the closest to becoming a billionaire, leading the pack with a net worth of $550 million once again beating Jay-Z ($460M) to claim the top spot in a list compiled by Forbes magazine.

Dr. Dre retained the third place spot he took last year while fourth and fifth places on the list were filled by Bryan 'Birdman' Williams and 50 Cent respectively.

P.Diddy has been crowned the wealthiest artist in hip-hop for the second year in a row.

Forbes Magazine's five wealthiest artists:

1. P. Diddy-$550 Million

2. Jay-Z-$460 Million

3. Dr. Dre-$270 Million

4. Bryan 'Birdman' Williams-$125 Million

5. 50 Cent-$110Million

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