Goldie Harvey Finally Breaks The Ice On The $200,000 Investment

After months of rumors, teases,gossips,comments and controlvesy on the $200,000 investment into 

her reloaded album project by lover.Nigerian born iconic female celebrity artist Goldie Harvey 
surprise her critics who said she will do nothing with the $200,000 investment by officially 
unveiling a pre-contest raffle draw at her recent show in Ife where many gifts are given aways.
Paparazzi and news media had been asking questions to confirm if the $200,000 investment into her music was just a rumor since the news about the investment break out. She justified herself with participation in charities and humanity cause which earn her the recent honor as United Nation Youth Ambassador For Peace. While her critics are still debating about her honor here she got them locked with the cross promotion contest of $50,000. 
Lucky winners in the #GoldReloaded Album Raffle Promo unveiling in OAU,Ife won valuable gifts like a blackberry 

phone,a generator,a television set, Standing fans & loads of recharge cards.
Following the #GoldReloaded Album Raffle Promo unveiling at the OAU show in Ife where she also 

won  the AWARD for Musical Excellence. The management of Kennis Music Inc, the record label of 
the artist are proud to support her all the way in appreciating her loyal fans and supporters.
If you’re a fan of Nigerian foremost female artist Goldie Harvey count yourself lucky, cause 

the Kennis Music artist is giving out up to $50,000 to her loyal fans in a cross promotion 
contests “GOLD RELOADED. According to her in the official infomercial video clip where she 
annouce the contest. 
She will be embarking on a nationwide tour to promote the reloaded album and at every show the #GoldReloaded Album Raffle Promo be held.
About The $50,000 #GOLDRELOADED# Album Contests
The $50,000 #GOLDRELOADED# Album cross promotion contest is a series promotional contests featuring different innovative loyalty cross contests that everyone can participate in. Fans,Upcoming artists,producers,Students etc.
Dates for GOLDIE HARVEY #GOLDRELOADED# tour will be updated soon on her official More information about the tour and contest updates can be follow up on twitter through @goldieharvey and @goldreloaded on
The passcode to the $50,000 #GOLDRELOADED# Album cross promotion contest is the purchase of a copy of the reloaded album.
Finally Goldie Harvey set to become social media fans favorite with the $50,000 #GOLDRELOADED# Album cross promotion contest focusing more online with an eligiblity of the reloaded album purchase to participate in the contests. 
With requests and demands for her across Europe and the US since the release of the debut single “SAY MY NAME” off the Gold Reloaded album. According to show promoters from US; She is most wanted female pop singer from Africa because of her artistic character and display in her musical videos.
This cross promotion contests with up to $50,000 to be won and giveaways in different contests for loyal fans, this is sure an open challenge to other celebrities to appreciate their fans.

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