Celebrity Designer Mudi Apologises to Fans

Enajemo Mudiaga popularly known as MUDI, has apologized to his numerous fans for a case of ‘mistaken identity’ that may have left them embarrassed.

In a statement issued by his media Company, Media Image Managers, MIM, the designer told his fans and well wishers to “pardon me if they ever thought I snubbed them by not acknowledging their greetings on the streets on several occasions, but the truth of the matter is, it was not me really that they were greeting.”
The case of mistaken identity stems from the fact that someone else has a customized car number plate like the Delta State born top designer. But while Enajemo’s simply MUDI, the other person not related to him,
registered his cars with U-MUDI. “Someone called me some days ago that he was greeting me in front of VGC gates and I ignored him, I told him it was not me because I was in Ghana to attend to my outlet there and I don’t own a Hummer SUV. Days after that incident, a client was furious that I drove past him and despite his attempts to flag me down, I did not stop. He mentioned this same Hummer. I also told him I don’t own a Hummer but he insisted that the said car had my name as the plate number. All my cars save for my official cars bear MUDI as registration. It was later I saw the Hummer but with U-MUDI as registration.”

  Mudi drives a range of state-of-the-art cars money can buy, but he does not own a Hummer jeep. “That is not me, my cars bear MUDI and for now, I don’t own a Hummer. On a lighter mood, I will like to have a drink with someone who shares almost the same car number plate name with me, you never can tell, he will be wearing a MUDI design thereafter, that will be the only thing in common we will share while he remains U-MUDI and I MUDI.”

 The designer again apologized to all the people that have been embarrassed by the mistaken identity issue. “Please, you will have to bear with me because many people may have suffered the embarrassment in silence without calling to confront me, so I am using this medium to tell them I am really sorry as things like this happen sometimes. I am not a proud person, I am into a business where I deal with people directly so I have no reason to be proud when people wave at me on the street and I turn the other way. The personalized number plate for my cars is MUDI, not U-MUDI,” he submitted.

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