Aremu Afolayan Settles SCORES on March 29th

Film Legend Ade Afolayan will be rolling in his grave and smilling now as many years after his death. His children are making him proud with there works. Just last Saturday Kunle Afolayan had the world premire of his new movie Phone swap to an Audience which saluted the great work,in a matter of days March 29thprecisely Nollywood Actor/producer ,Aremu Afolayan(Kunle Afolayan’s younger brother) will premire his new movie The Score .

THE SCORE is a story of two brothers;One was destined to Uphold the law and the other to break the law.

The score is starring Aremu Afolayan, Saheed balogun , Eniola olaniyan , Olumide Bakare, Sunkanmi Omobolanle and others . Produced by Aremu’s Broadway Films. 
The movie opens at the cinema immediately after it is premired.

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