Ex BBA Housemate, Vimbai replies Channel O presenter Denrele Edun on Karen Igho

Yesterday, we broke the news that Karen Igho refused to be part of a photoshoot for the cover of an Abuja-based magazine, Miss Dee, as she allegedly refused to work with and Vimbai ex BBA housemate. Today on Twitter, Channel O presenter, Denrele Edun tweeted in defence of Karen. Here’s a reply from Vimbai’s reps


Today on Twitter, popular presenter Denrele Edun made some statements, supposedly in defence of his friend and BBA winner, Karen Igho and made some statements. Vimbai would love to clarify some facts and state the following:

First, she appreciates the show of support Mr Denrele Edun has portrayed for his friend, Karen Igho especially in times like this that true friendship is hard to come by. There was a shoot in which she, Vimbai was to be part of, for the magazine, Miss Dee. However, that shoot HAS NOT been scheduled. Vimbai was in Abuja at the Kiss FM studios yesterday for an interview. She was not at ANY SHOOT yesterday. So claims by Denrele that Karen was (or is) in Lagos and not in Abuja yesterday may be factual.

Also, Vimbai wants to emphatically state that she is not in any way raising dust over Karen’s refusal to be on the same cover of the said magazine with her. The magazine does not in any way belong to Vimbai and even
though she is saddened by the turn of events, she is a peace-loving person who so far has enjoyed hospitality in Nigeria. She therefore doesn’t see it fit to spread rumours over trivial issues or take matters into her hands.
Moreover, Miss Dee is a magazine that, as you read this, is still in business and has a publisher who is hale and hearty. It would be wise and rational for Mr Edun and by extension, everyone else who is interested in knowing the true facts, to contact her and hear for themselves, rather than confront Miss Vimbai.

Miss Karen Igho is an adult and is free to take any decision she wants and if she decides to not appear on the cover of the said magazine, she is free to do so. Vimbai is equally an adult and will never attempt to persuade, verbally or otherwise, anyone to go against his/her decision.

Finally, Miss Vimbai takes exception to being called “Vimpire” by Mr Denrele Edun, a term which she perceives as abusive and which is similar-sounding to the word “vampire”. She would therefore like an unreserved apology on Twitter, the very same platform the term was used.

She therefore urges the general public to disregard pointers and statements about a “war” with Karen.

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