Affairs- The CoWorker ‘If the S is good…(2)

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Ayo is magnificent.
I hadn’t met such an amazing person for a long time. I thought they didn’t make them like this anymore. He was a barrel of fun, love, humility, and… and…Argh! Words can’t describe the perfection that lay before my eyes.
We were together but weren’t dating yet. We both agreed to stay off the labeling until we were sure of what we had and also because we were both too lazy to go through the stress of informing Human Resource Office of our office relationship. It wasn’t advisable to have a relationship with a coworker as it could affect one’s performance, especially when things go downhill, but if any of the workers decided to, it was imperative the HR be informed to ensure that they put things in place so that in situations of a breakup, the well-oiled, smooth moving gear in the office stays moving smoothly. Most times, it involved separating the couple, so most people agree to keep it a secret.
But no one said stories weren’t going around and questions weren’t being asked. Some of the ladies at work even came up to me to ask what his lips taste like, and if he was a good kisser. Some even sent me notes of congratulations or admiration. It was funny and made for good conversation topics whenever we went out for dinner.
We hadn’t done it yet. We were still waiting because we, mostly him, wanted it to be special. I had no idea why he was waiting like a virgin. It was cute that he thought it was sacred but I could barely hold back anymore. It was getting difficult especially with our frequent sleepovers at each others place. I didn’t want to rush him into what he wasn’t ready for but I was dying from impatience. I threw little hints around about it whenever I could. I would talk about sexy lingerie I would love to purchase and what I have dreamed of doing in them, the occasional naughty acts whenever we were making out, but he was one talented cock-blocker. I waited. The patient dog eats the fattest bone, right?
It was a cool, Saturday evening. We were at his end watching a movie and chatting about the week that had gone by.
‘I feel sticky. Think I’m going to take a warm bath’, I said.
‘Sure but… let me be a gentleman and set up the bath for you. I got these lovely bath salts that I know you would love.’
‘Thanks a lot, babe’
He got up and rushed out of the living room.
I took a sip from my glass of red wine which I had been drinking earlier on, and surfed the television channels looking for something interesting.
Fifteen minutes had gone by and he still wasn’t out. What was he doing in there? Were the salts some sort of Chronicles of Narnia gateway?
I called out to him.
‘Ayo! Are you done?’
No reply.Had he drowned?
I sighed, dropped my glass on the coaster on the coffee table and got up, muttering words that expressed my discomfort and stress of having to chase after him.
‘I wonder what he is doing in there’, I said to myself.
I opened the door leading to the bedroom.
‘Ayo. What are you doing in-?’
The lights were out but the entire room was lit up with scented candles of different sizes and shapes. The room smelt like love and lavender. There were white and red rose petals scattered on the floor leading to the bed, which was neatly laid in my favorite silk bed sheet.
I just stood there, surprised and in love. I couldn’t say a single word so I looked about for him. Suddenly, his hands held my waist softly from behind and he whispered into my ears
‘I couldn’t wait any longer.’ He kissed my neck. ‘So let’s feel sticky together’ He turned me around and gently took off my gown.
I laughed and looked away from his face when he tried to kiss me again.
‘Babe, what is wrong?’ He turned my face to his and looked into my eyes. I was still smiling like a silly little girl.
‘Nothing. It is just so beautiful and special…like you…like we wanted it to be so I’m happy’
He smirked and lifted me from the ground to the bed. Did I forget to mention that he was naked already? He laid me down and lay on top of me. Kissing me on every inch of my body, he said to me
‘I’ll take care of you tonight, my love.’
And yes, he did. It was a night of intense, passionate, bed rocking love making. We could barely keep our hands off each other and boy was he endowed?
Running my hands up and down his perfectly sculpted body, feeling his lips on mine, biting softly around my neck; his hands caressing me softly and his miraculous tongue and its movements drove me senseless. The words of admiration and love he whispered into my ears with that deep, sensual voice of his during it all and after was more than I could handle. He was a lover; a magician between the sheets. It was magnificent how he timed our sexual climax together, and we let out our moans of pleasure and collapsed onto the bed.
We spent the rest of the weekend together in bed and in the bath. We did it almost everywhere we could. In the car when we wanted to go buy lunch because we were too lazy to cook anything; In the kitchen when we got back, in the living room, on the sofa, to the floor, in the closet (Don’t ask how but we did it); In our friend’s car just to punish him for no reason. We made love the whole weekend and every time and where we did it, it still felt like the first time. Maybe it was because of the scent of lavender was almost everywhere we went or he was just that good. I choose him.
My female colleagues kept smiling at me. Did a video leak? Or a nude picture of me? I began to panic a little bit inside so I walked up to a friend of mine, Nina
‘Why is everyone looking at me today? Do I have something on my face?’ I sat on her desk and leaned into her face closely so she could notice any deformities.
She laughed and pushed my head away.
‘Get your big head out of the way. They are staring because you are glowing today like you just got proposed to’
‘Glowing? Ha, it must be my new make-up brand which I bought at–‘
‘At Sex’r’us? Babe, almost all women have been in your situation so we all know how great your weekend was’
I blushed red.
‘Really? Is it that obvious?’
‘To the men it isn’t.’ She moved closer to me and spoke in a whisper. ‘So, are the rumors true? Is he that good?’
I giggled and began dangling my legs.
‘Yes, he is and more’ I narrated to her some bits of how the weekend went. The memory of it made me want him more again.
‘There goes lover boy’, she said. I looked in the direction she had spoken of. He was walking past with the Boss, talking about something related to the file in his hands. He caught my eyes and winked. I smiled and looked away shyly.
‘Look at you both, making goo-goo eyes at each other. Please, lift yourself off my desk I’ve got a lot of work to do’
‘Later, Babe’
The rest of the week day was great until the weekend came around.

Ayo had to go on a business trip with the Boss from Friday till Monday in a town in the outskirts of the City. It sucked because I missed him a lot and it had been a while since I spent my weekend alone.
He had promised to call as soon as they got in. They had left in the morning and it was almost midnight and I hadn’t heard anything from him. It was odd.
The town wasn’t that far and they couldn’t be working till now. I tried calling him but he didn’t answer his phone. I dropped the house phone and sank into the sofa. I was beginning to get scared. 
Had something happened to them on the way there? 
I began to imagine him lying down dead by the roadside and his phone was next to him, ringing away. I had to make sure he was OK lest I lose my mind tonight. I called the Boss’s assistant to inquire if they had reached safely and if he knew what they were up to right now.
They had gotten in safely and had settled in long ago so why wasn’t he picking my calls? Maybe he was out? It is a Friday night so he might be drinking and had placed is phone elsewhere or just couldn’t hear it ring from all the noise in the club or wherever they went? I left him a message to call me as soon as he could to calm my worried mind.
Saturday came and I heard nothing from him. He didn’t pick my calls or reply my messages. He probably had a hangover from the night before and was too wasted to call or he probably misplaced his phone and didn’t have my number in his head, right?
Sunday. Nothing from him all day. I called him again in the evening for the umpteenth time that weekend and his line was busy. I felt some sort of relief so I cut the line and waited for him to call me. Fifteen minutes later, no phone call. I called him and it rang. He picked up but as soon as I said hello, he cut the phone line. I tried calling back and his phone was switched off.
What was going on? I slumped onto the chair and began to cry. Why didn’t he want to talk to me? I dialed the Boss’s assistant and told him to help me get through to him and find out if he was OK and to call me. As I sat there, deep in thought, the phone rang. It was him.
‘Hey!’ I said calmly. ‘Been trying to reach you all weekend, Are you ok?’
‘Hey Gee. How are you?’
His tone sounded like he wasn’t happy to see me at all. Like he was disappointed and I was a huge bother.
‘I’m Ok. I’ve just been worried about you. Why weren’t you picking my calls and replying my messages?’
He sighed.
‘Is everything OK at the conference?’
‘Yes. I’ve just been busy and the Boss was stressing me out’
‘Wow. You and your best friend fighting?’
He chuckled.
‘No, we just had a slight misunderstanding, that’s all. I’m sorry I got you all worried about me. I didn’t mean to’
‘It’s okay. I’m just glad to hear your voice. I miss you a lot, babe.’
‘I know. Me too. Gee, I have to go now. I’ll call you tomorrow. See you on Tuesday.’
‘Bye’ He hung up before I could say Bye back.
Something was definitely wrong and it scared me. Everything had been fine with us before he left so why was he acting cold towards me? Was it something I said? Or did? I began to recall all the conversations we had had before he went out of town. Maybe it is because I called him a lot when he was mad at his boss? That must have pissed him off.
I picked up my phone and dialed his number but as soon as I decided to call, I changed my mind. He might not pick because he is still mad at me. I cancelled it and sent a text instead. No reply.
Tuesday came and I didn’t see or hear from Ayo. He was back. Every one knew that because the Boss had been yelling all day. He was avoiding for reasons I couldn’t understand.
As the days went by, it got worse. We would bump into each other and he would walk on by like he never saw me; avoiding me like I was a roach with leprosy. I couldn’t fathom what I could have possibly done wrong to him. Word started to go round the office. People had begun to notice and reasons were pouring out like wildfire.
Some said that’s how he is. He had used me and now he was getting rid of me. Some said he had a family elsewhere and his wife had probably found out. Some just basically laughed at me and called me a cheap whore.
Many a times, I tried to confront him about it but he wouldn’t listen to me or wait to hear me out. It’s usually ‘I’m too busy to talk about this’ ‘Can we do this another time?’ or ‘Gee, please stop. You are starting to look silly and desperate’
I couldn’t believe he would refer to me as such after all we had been through together. After all he said to me about knowing that what we had was real.
I cried. I cried because I felt like a fool again; because, I thought this was something new, a new start for me…for us. I cried even more because I thought I was pregnant and with his promiscuous history, I feared that I might have gotten HIV or some other sexually transmitted infection. Maybe that was why he had been avoiding me of late.
‘Lord!’ I screamed and burst into tears again, falling on the floor in my living room with a bottle of alcohol in one hand and a knife in the other.
Another day, another boy and another broken heart.

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