Singer, Songwriter ASA warns numerous Fans about FAKE Album selling in the Nigeria market

Bukola Elemide also known as ASA took to her twitter account to warn her many fans about an album released in her name and she also mentioned 'death threat' in her tweets. Who wants to kill our Asa?

Here are some of her tweets:

“My name & Photo has been used on a dubious album released by criminals to dupe people, Pls be informed its not a new album! Pls RT thanks”

“These Cds are selling in Nigeria! My team is working to stop this! We will inform you of any LEGAL releases when there is. Love”

“No new songs on it, just old songs to cheat people. Please do not buy and inform your friends not to.Thanks for your Love & support!”

“Hi guys, I do not have any NEW ALBUM selling in Nigeria called DOWN ON ME. Please do not purchase it! pls RT Thanks for your love & support”

“Criminals are doing this to spoil my name and steal your money! We are working hard to stop this from permanently re-occuring.”

“Unfortunately we blame it on the Alaba Market but it's not from them but from Question mark entertainment! pls pass on this message! Thanks!”

“I am passionate about my music, I have received death threats from these people, I have kept my head up and focused on giving my best always”

“Now they are focused cheating people! Please don't be deceived! don't buy”

I Didn't even see the Death threat part not until now.. All is well. You guys have heard from Asa, she has no new album now selling in the market especially the Nigeria market so please don't patronize them.

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