Nollywood Producer Ruke Amata movie makes waves in UK and Banjul

If anyone says a Scion of the Amata dynasty does not know what he or she is doing as per movies, then something is technically wrong somewhere. More so when this particular Amata seems to have done the seemingly impossible-produce a movie that is 80% UK based Cast.

Ruke Amata ( who is a man not a woman as we have noticed many erroneously assume)is
not an Activist as far as we know but with his Class Act UK experiment where talents are discovered, he has just changed the norm where mainly Actors from the Motherland are used in movies at the detriment of UK based ones. His latest work, The Past Came Calling which addresses issues like advanced free fraud

(419),inter-racial relationship, juvenile delinquency, effects of divorce on a child, and sins of the father being visited on the child is a film we really recommend.

With Successful premiere in Banjul on 26th December 2011 and Uk on Feb 12th ,Ruke
Amata is planning a Lagos premiere in june followed by Cinemas screening across Nigeria. The Past Came Calling without asking for it has changed the African UK movie landscape and if the feelers from those who stormed the uk premiere, an Amata has successfully crossed the Atlantic to do what his Clan do best.
At the UK premiere of THE PAST CAME CALLING (A Ruke Amata movie) at the Odeon Cinema Greenwich Few weeks back, Nearly all the stars of the movie were on the red carpet. The cinema was filled to overflowing, a second screen had to be opened. Enjoy some of the pictures from the event.

The story line of the Movie is simple, yet intriguing and contains twists and turns. ‘The Past
Came Calling’, produced and directed by Ruke Amata, a seasoned Producer and
Director, is a movie about a young Medical Student, Susan (Marie Kumba Gomez –
the winner of Class Act UK 2011) who came to the UK to study with her sister, Maggie (Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha).

She never, in her wildest imagination, believed she could ever fall in love with a white man, until she is introduced to a dashing young Guy Dermot (Oliver Jolliffe), by her sister’s boyfriend, Kachi (John Dumelo). But, like the saying goes, the heart is not so smart. They met and began, what became a sizzling romantic relationship, until events of the past came calling.
Can they withstand the turbulence of deep-seated anger caused by the fake dealings and scams from past experiences? Will their romance withstand the happenings and resultant prejudices of the past?
The Past Came Calling is a story about the power of love over racial prejudice and the hangover of the past.
Produced and directed by Ruke Amata, a seasoned producer and director of such programmes like the TV drama series “Bachelors”,
S.O.D – Son of the Devil, The Accursed, Growing Up, Emotional Hazard, and a host of others.
The movie has previously been premiered in the Gambia over the Christmas period,
and the reactions from the teeming crowd that went to watch it was basically
the same. It had in attendance dignitaries from the government, including the
Minister of Health, and representatives of the Minister for Youth and Sports,
the Minister of Education and the Ministry of Arts and Culture.
Ruke Amata and his team were invited to meet with the Vice President of The Gambia,
where they unfolded plans for the Gambian Class Act and other programmes to be
produced in 2012.

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