Celebrating our mothers in Grand Style – M18 Present to you ‘Mothers on the 18th Moving Event Train’

 Just by remembering the song ‘Sweet Mother’, the idea and innovation team at Infinite Impact didn’t have to think long and hard for what to do for our mothers to show that we truly appreciate them on their special day, so was the birth of the M18 MET, meaning Mothers on the 18th Moving Event Train created to achieve just that.

It has been initiated to celebrate outstanding women role models and mothers to today’s aspiring generation. It has been created to celebrate our mothers of impact in a most unique way utilizing a 20 minutes interactive session with the M18 MET convoy comprising of our team, which includes a press crew and a few fans of
today’s glowing mothers and of course, the Infinite Impact crew.

This will be carried out through a mini visitation party to chat with each one of them, discuss their impact in our community, business and in the life of their children, and also celebrate them with our lovely surprise gifts that will put a smile on their faces and finally, handing out our best gift to each one – a certificate of motherhood courtesy the blooming 21st century generation.

This is because we realize the need for many acts of kindness by our mothers to be exemplified and duplicated making the world a better place for all to live in. We have therefore picked 18 mothers to celebrate allowing the world relate to their stories, their values, their impact on their children and today’s aspiring generation.

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