Singer Goldie has a ‘Heart of Gold’

Words by Kehinde Ajose

Not many know her as Susan Olubimpe Harvey, but that is the real name of Kennis music’s Goldie. One of Nigeria’s most celebrated music diva.She has been able to mine her music talent far from its unappealling raw stage to becoming a precious metal shining into the hearts of her fans and making a name for herself in an industry cluttered with talents.In her words:’I have always been into music as far back as i can remember .I remember composing songs when I was a kid  and teaching my younger ones.I remember creating little poems that detailed how I felt on an issue or a particular subject matter.In the U.K, I was part of an informal pop rock band and we perform all over the place for friends and family’ Goldie said.

 Professionally her career kicked off in Nigeria after her encounter with Mannie an exceptionally gifted producer who is working in Cool F.M.They wrote songs together went to the studio to record, and in between the process met with the ace producer O.J.B who produced her first single ‘Komole’released in April 2007.Like a diamond in the rough , Goldie encountered thorny challenges on her journey to the
top.Narrating she says:’There was a sort of question mark as to people’s perception of m y identity.I think my blonde hair and my “avante garde” mode of dressing  kind of threw people off a bit.So the connection was a bit off.Peope didn’t just get me’.

     Born and bred in Lagos , young Goldie attended Greensprings primary school. After that she went to Saint John’s college and proceeded to the U.K for a degree in Business management from the University of Sunderland, U.K. Refusing tom take a back seat in her music career,instead being its driver she has clinched several awards including the Best Afro hip-hop video at the 2011 N.M.V.A, and emerging the Best hip hop female award winner at the City People entertainment award.She was also inducted as  a celebrity special Marshall November 2011 being the only female artiste among her peers.Goldie states that the Nigerain music industry is in the best place it has ever been, at least from a global recognition stand point.According to her,:’There have been collaborations across borders,which was formerly unheard of, a pipe-dream.Our music and videos are also comparable on a very international scale.What  I’d love to see though is proper structuring  in terms of accountability, record sales,proper royalties’.

    Every season has one track , you know the one that  blasts out of every drop top, is spun on every dancefloor , and makes the heavy rotation playlist of reverred radio stations.For 2011, one of that tune is definitely Goldie’s ‘Jawo Jawo’ and ‘You know it’.Goldie  just released her sophomore  album aptly titled:’Gold Reloaded’ under the Kennis Music platform.She is planning on going on tours around national campuses to promote this album and to inspire young people to keep their dreams alive.When asked the best piece of advice she has ever been given as regards her music, Goldie simply said:’That was from my boss and C.E O Mr Kenny Ogungbe.He said that I was unique and that I should never downplay my uniqueness because I wanted to satisfy people.He said people are never satisfied no matter what you do and your best bet is to work hard, satisfy yourself, and be at peace with God while doing so.I have taking his advice to

   So what exactly makes Goldie tick?’My passion and love for what I do, the love and support of my fans and my relationship with God.God is the reason for all my success.I bless and give him thanks daily. Armed with an unconventional branding, compelling stage presence, in addition to her drive and dedication  to her craft, Goldie continues to push boundaries, shining through and  he story is truly an inspiration.

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