Rihanna STIRS UP RUMORS As To Who She Will Be In Love With Again!

It looks like it may only be a matter a time before Rihanna finds love again and it just might happen to be with her ex Chris Brown! Rumors have been coming from both camps that the two are going to get back together and although we have no clue if this is true or not Rihanna recently revealed she so over being single!

We recently reported that Riri did an exclusive interview with Britain’s Jonathan Ross where the singer admits:

        “Single life is so overrated,” she told the TV host. “It sucks. I have such incredible experiences in my life. You don’t want to live your life and then meet someone. You want to share your life with someone.That’s what I’m missing right now,”

The “Umbrella” singer also dished on her obsession with Adele saying:

        “Her last album, 21, spoke to me so much. It was so personal to her, but I feel like everyone in the world identified with it, to the point that I had to stop listening because it was depressing me so much. If you identify with it, sometimes you don’t want to hear about it.”

This isn’t the first time the Bajan Pop Star vented her frustration about her single life. Rihanna is such a great catch! It’s mind boggling this hot toddy hasn’t been snagged up yet?
It may take a very special man to handle a woman like our RiRi but we hope she finds the love she’s looking for and not “in a hopeless place”. If not Chris Brown, who else could be Rihanna’s ride or die man?
I personally think Kar and Chris are truely happy……and again old flings are usually easy to catch fire!

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