Meet the Lady behind ASAKE OGE Collections

Àsàké is a 3rd generation seamstress, she grew up around the creative energy in a couture household where she was taught the importance of quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. She had a toy sewing machine aged seven and was always making clothes for her dolls. This enabled her to design and make garments for herself from the age of 15. She honed an innate skill by producing one-off pieces that soon drew the attention of those around her who requested to have garments made for them. The garments are handmade by Asake or manufactured using mostly silk, cotton and linen which are natural fabrics.

On moving to London to be with family and pursue a Masters degree in International Business Relations, she
soon rediscovered her love of fashion when she was asked to come up with a collection for her school’s Fashion and Dance Charity Show.

She also took short courses in Womenswear, PR and Patternmaking at the London College of Fashion. Her designs soon gained recognition within her community where she received awards and was featured in various print and online blogs. She has also been invited to showcase at different fashion shows most notable the African Fashion Week New York in July 2011.

Her Work at African fashion Week New York

Asake says, “My passion for individuality is apparent in every work I create, for me the wow-factor is non negotiable in my hand made garments. I love to enter a room and make heads turn.”

“Timeless Heritage” is a tribute to the matriarchs in my family my grandmother passed on a fashion legacy to my mother and her sisters and this was passed on to me. Each dress has been named after these seven women. I have drawn inspiration from nature, a tropical paradise setting with a colour palette of Red, Blue and Yellow; Yellow for the sun, Blue for the skies and ocean and Red for the sunset, flowers and passion. Staying true to the Asakeoge ethos of using bold bright colours, these pieces are the core of a 21 piece collection.

The timelessness is conceived in the use of luxurious French Silk, French Cotton and Silk Jersey made into garments with classic silhouettes that would stand the test of time. Less is more as the bright colours, soft flowing fabrics and bright prints speak for themselves.
With pieces ranging from evening wear, bridal, red carpet to day wear, there’s something for everywoman. You are not afraid to standout because the Asakeoge woman is a trendsetter not a ashion follower

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