Beyonce ft IBKspaceshipboi – End of time remix (competition)

The winner of the Donjazzy Enigma Beat Competition is back! and about to take on his next challenge which is the Beyonce “end of time” remix competition. His remix of this track can be defined as award winning awesomeness. chk the link to listen, download and

vote by clicking the like button at the top right of the screen for IBKspaceshipboi on this competition. He is our Nigerian representative. 

End of time remix by IBKspaceshipboi. An awesome love song with a touch of the motherland.   

Emuwawon Ibukun is better known to the public as (IBKspacehipboi). born 1982 in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria; he is a producer, rapper,  singer, songwriter,  voice trainer and the owner of the production outfit “MARTIANSHIP”.

follow him on twitter @spaceshipboi to know more about the man and his God given gift.

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