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As at the first time I wrote this piece a few months back I was passing through a lot of stress and I felt it was induced by emotions because my side kick/lover and best friend was away on vacation in England; maybe it was because I was getting none *straight face* …maybe…a few months down the line it only made sense that I should piece this together again, but only this time “I don’t need sex, the government f_cks me everyday”…I present to you my StReSs BaLls.

In no particular order though ok #scratchthat I’d tell it from where it hurts the most to the least *scratches head* let me just start from the beginning I decided to name this post “StReSs BaLlSs” well in actual fact the stress is *clutching balls* making me drained physically and even the drinking doesn’t help anything; if nothing at all I guess it adds up to being Stressed Out!!


Getting up every week-day at 4.35am must be probably be the hardest part of daily routine,oh yes because trying to put up a ‘fake smile’ while attending to customers/yelling at

the top of my voice to my surbodinates to get things done at a desired turn over time while meeting customers demands/running through 3 floors (up&down) in clear cut office shoes/ having to be at 3points in the same time/dealing with my fist-clenched bosses and driving through 2hours of traffic when I close at 6pm fatigued and hungry shouldn’t be hard right? That must be the fun part *straight face* so, I stick with my initial observation that waking up at 4.35am every day is still the hardest part!


Lord knows that if I was born in the united states I would have probably been writing lyrics for various R&B artist or find my way to hollywood to pur…*slaps self back to reality* sorry, I’m Nigerian and to make things worse (for the obvious reasons) hail from Ekiti state where as a PhD holder you don’t get more than a pat on the back for your achievements *scoffs*. That’s how my sojourn to the university of Lagos started a little over 2 years ago with dexterity/determination and an open mind only to be met with pompous proffessors that come to show off their government positions/how many published books the have written and we all must buy/how pathetic we all look (beat and hungry from work)/how they have to fly out for 2weeks to attend to a state sponsored research (so in short we are on-our-own)…don’t get me wrong,it would all have been worth the time/money & resources expended but my own idea of an MBA degree is not when you have classes between 6-8pm everyday and you leave the office at 6pm drive through traffic and only get to sign the attendance because you got there at 8.05pm and lectures ended 10minutes ago!


*Error ! No file found*…but I’d leave you with a quote by Samuel Butler from the Note Books; “Is life worth living? This is a question for an embryo, not for a man. To live is like love,all reason is against it and all healthy instinct for it…so choose wether to live in love or die in it” *moving on*

HOME [Stress]:

Here’s a simple illustration;

“Untop of a mountain 40ft high,
I shot my PURITO with a black
Rubber band;
Some said it was silly,some said
it was wise…
I couldn’t have missed it,
It was 40ft wide!
Oooh..Oooh Sugar & Spice!!

Well let’s just say 5yrs gone by and I’m still searching for that PURITO…*sighs*

Government [StreSs]:

To quote an excerpt from the Joint Action Front (JAF) of NLC/TUC and civil Society on reversal of fuel subsidy; “…a cowardly Government who told us it is unable to deliver the basic social services like good roads,electricity supply,medi-care and standard educational fascilities to the Nigerian people simply because of a cabal /cartel which it is too scared to touch or arrest. This prodigous regime that sqandered N1.4trillion of our money on its financiers through phony subsidy ‘arrangee’ has perfected the art of unleashing hardship and terror on Nigerians by delievering scandalous tuition fees in schools, escalating electricity tariff,high cost of living and the worlds most expensive vehicle number plate…” Stop! Stop!! Stop!!! That’s enough already *real tears* if I’m going to raise my unborn children in this country then there’s no way I’l sit down and watch things deteriorate. Like I tweeted the other day they (NLC) started an industrial Nationwide strike action for the reversal of #Subsidyremoval, we (the masses) started a protest for the Government to end corruption and curb Government excesses…#EnoughIsEnough.

This here is my first blog post, I wrote like 3 last year but its not surprising with the recent state of the Nation that this should be the first one to go live. Many thanks to Tosin Ajibade  (@OloriSupergal) for having me feature on her blog, gratitude to ‘Olaide Olabode (@exschoolnerd) for giving me another reason to pick up my pen and start writing again 🙂 and to ‘Tundun Modile (@2ndun) you are my muse and number one inspiration, I love you baby. The rest of you can follow me on twitter @MrOdada for other mini-bloggin’ episodes, 
Still my #1 stress-reliver *I’m out*

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