Good enough Introduction? Or not?



What to write? What to write? What to write about?

No. It’s not writer’s block. Sometimes, my mind is just too lazy to think of anything.

I look around me. There’s bound to be something to trigger the creative part of my brain to make my fingers spin out of control on this keyboard. Nothing.

“Shit! Olorisupergal is going to eat my soul from wherever she is”, I think to myself. I was supposed to have submitted a post on Saturday and it is Monday. Still, our darling Amanda has not submitted it in.
“Writing can be a bore”
Maybe I should tell you a bit about the post I was supposed to write. Good idea?

The title of the post is Affairs’

It is to be put up on the blog bi-weekly by me. What it is about? Errr… A girl…Her life…many men…

Okay, telling you about the post is boring. I’ll just publish it and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do writing.

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