The set of stories that follow after this prologue are pure fiction and it shall be written in the first person.
Before we get straight into the happenings of the year, let us go back to where it all started from…
AFFAIRS: The Breakup 

September 3rd, 2010.

I was seated at the edge of the bed in my one bedroom apartment, listening to the words he was saying but not hearing him. Hopefully, if I zone out for a few minutes like I always do and come back, he would say that he was just joking. The words would never have been uttered at all and everything would be just fine.

“I think we should just be friends…”

Whatever explanations he had given after that, I couldn’t recall.  My heart was racing; my palms went cold and sweaty. I felt as if a part of me had been ripped out, like a glass had shattered in my brain and everything else had ceased to exist. My mind was pure blackness.
I could see his lips moving but I still couldn’t hear a word apart from the ones that kept escaping from my lips.

“No. No. No. Kojo, please. Please. Don’t do this to me. We can fix this”

A part inside of me giggled at how cliché that statement was. I was saying them because nothing else was coming to my mind. Tears were not even flowing so I tried to force them out for a little bit of dramatic effect. Maybe that would move him to stay with me so we could figure out this little problem that we had.
He pulled his hands away from my shoulder where he had placed them earlier before he spoken those deadly words.

“Kojo, wait!” I pulled at him as he got up to leave. “Please, I would do anything. I promised I would never get on my knees and beg a man to stay with me but I love you and I need you so I would lay down my pride and do this”
I dropped to the floor on my knees and held his feet, praying that the true weight of what is really going on would dawn on me and the tears would flow. Nothing.
He got irritated and commanded me up to my feet in a stern voice.

“Don’t you ever do that again in your life, ok?”

He pulled me close to his chest and hugged me, apologizing for the pain he is causing me and how he thinks it is what is best for the both of us.

I smelt his perfume. Giorgio Armani. It had been his father’s. Kojo was one to take care of his looks, his smell and every other little detail about his appearance. It was one of the things I loved and admired about him.
I loved him. I loved Kojo. We were great together but he is leaving and the reasons why is a story for another day.

He broke away from my embrace and left the room. I sat on my bed. Trying to assimilate what had just occurred, to properly understand the fact that I was now single after being with him for eight months and it was all over.
I got up and left the apartment to that of my friend’s, Zara, which was down the corridor. I knocked on her door and I stood outside her door like I was in a trance, waiting for her to answer. I heard her key jingle as she unlocked the door.
She opened it and I stepped inside.

“What happened?” She asked, locking the door and taking a seat on her sofa. I stood in front of her and muttered those five words. Only then, did it really hit me; did the tears begin to flow voluntarily, did the pain begin to grow and the feeling of loneliness and sadness begin to set in.

“Kojo broke up with me”

I burst into tears and fell into her outstretched arms filled with pats of comfort.

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