@AppsBidder set to pitch at Investor Feedback Forum and Pitch Showdown (New York) is registered to pitch at the first Ultralight investors feedback Forum (for startups) on Thursday January 12, 2012 by 7pm. If you are based in New York, please attend and support our friends @appsbidder. They have an innovative business idea to improve how developers and apps users relate.

At first consideration, Appsbidder will get any developer excited because it costs nothing to publish on the platform, and the site gets to take only 17% of sales. The social network feel to the platform also allows developers get review and feedback on published apps.

Although the developers are the main target for Appsbidder, the ‘Like’ and ‘Disapproving with Application’ may be tools for everybody else to either laud or sabotage an app. A bragging right for Appsbidder is that
finding a similar marketplace with such freedom and options is next to impossible. Will this play out well or not? Time will tell, but I will go out on a limb to say Appsbidder will be a one stop market for developers and users in the nearest future (if properly managed – especially the user end of the platform).

If you are outside NY, you can also watch the live-stream here:

Don’t forget to Tweet and vote for @appsbidder using the hashtag #ultralight  between 7:30pm and 8pm New York time on January 12, during the pitch showdown!

To learn more about AppsBidder, please visit:

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