Occupy Nigeria Protests: Locations, Times, and other Info

That is the brand of the movement. Anyone in Nigeria, I urge you to go. The urgency is now. The removal of fuel subsidies was the final straw. The Federal Government of Nigeria has made its choice. It is time for you to take your stance.


OWERRI: St. Paul Church, Douglas Road. Thursday, January 5th @ 8am

KADUNA: Lugard Hall. Thursday, January 5th @ 7am

LAGOS: Rally. Location and time unknown.

ABEOKUTA: Iweiroyin, Oke-Ilewo. Thursday, January 5th @ 7am. For more info, call 08037161592

EDO: Benin City. Edo House of Assembly. Thursday, January 5th @ 8am



ABUJA: Eagle Square. Friday, January 6th @ 10am

RIVERS: Port Harcourt. Rumukoro Junction. Friday, January 6th @ 10am. Call Paul at 08034323845 for details

OSUN: Osogbo. Olaiya Junction. Friday, January 6th @ 8am

ENGLAND: Nigeria House London, Friday, January 6th @ 1pm. For more information, please call +447852171675


Please note, these are peaceful demonstrations, not riots! This page will be updated daily. Be safe!

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