Enough is Enough (EIE) Nigeria condemns the Deceit of the Nigerian Government

“The young Ilorin protester will not die in vain”

EnoughisEnough Nigeria condemns the Deceit of the Nigerian Government: #CutGovernmentWaste NOT #FuelSubsidy

Yesterday, news came in – now confirmed – that a 22-year-old Nigerian, Mustapha Muyeedeen Mofoluwasho Opobiyi, was shot down during the Ilorin, Kwara State protests in another unacceptable case of police brutality. While young Nigerians across the country are joined together in mourning for this terrible and entirely avoidable loss of another one of us, it lends an even greater urgency to the widely condemned removal of the infamous fuel subsidy through a press release by PPPRA.

The Federal Government of Nigeria would be mistaken to assume this will discourage other young Nigerians from taking to the streets or wherever else it takes to stand down this wrong-headed decision – if anything,
the reactions will only be strengthened in his memory. And it only adds to a litany of woes that the Federal Government of Nigeria has unleashed on its citizens since it began its deceitful handling of this matter. In between talks of the removal taking effect as of the 2012 budget (April); and recent utterances by the President, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Petroleum Resources that consultations will continue; it is obvious that they deliberately misled Nigerians.

Nigerians are resilient, but we can no longer afford to pay for government’s inefficiencies. It’s too expensive (financially; productive man hours and human lives) and it’s also NOT sustainable.

The Only Way Forward
1. Return to Status Quo
Pump price returned to N65.

2. Reduce Cost of Governance

The government must drastically cut down the cost of maintaining public and civil servants – security votes, multiple advisers, fuel guzzling convoys, excessive foreign travel and estacodes etc.
• How can we build another house for the Vice-President at N7 bn ($43.75m) and an additional N9 bn ($56.25m) is being requested to complete it?
• They disburse N250 billion per year in ‘security votes’ to the President and Governors and they can spend it as they choose
• Items in the 2012 budget: Approximately N1 billion to ‘feeding’ the President and the Vice-President
o N1.7 trillion wage bill for the Federal Government
o N675 million on power related expenses at the Villa and VP’s residence
o N1 billion on miscellaneous expenses include honorarium & sitting allowances; welfare packages and publicity & advertisements.
These expenses are criminal and unsustainable.


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