Exclusive Interview with Face of Sleek 2011 Winner Alexandra Nwokedi

 In this Interview with @OloriSupergal, Alexandra Nwokedi a Law Graduate who emerged as the winner of  “Face of Sleek” 2011, spoke about her plans as the New Ambassador and many more. Enjoy!

What was growing up like? What influenced you?

I had a happy childhood growing up, studying and living in different parts of Nigeria. My parents are my role models and have always worked hard looking after my siblings and I, always encouraging us to make something of ourselves, and letting us know that we can do anything that we want to, if we put our minds to it. I’m a law graduate and I hope to make an impact from the beginning of my career and throughout. And now that I am also the ambassador for Sleek Studio, the leading hair and makeup brand in Nigeria, and also hope to make an impact there.

Have you always dreamt of being a beauty queen or it was an overnight decision?

It was not an ambition but when I heard about the Face Of Sleek Nigeria 2011 model search competition on the radio, it caught my interest and all my friends encouraged me to enter. I still cannot believe I have won and that my face will be promoting the beautiful makeup, hair and skincare products from Sleek Studio and I certainly still do not consider myself a beauty queen!

What was the whole screening process like for you? Can you share your experience with us?

It was very exciting but also very tough. Sleek Studio received thousands of entries from students, graduates, professional women and aspiring models all over Nigeria, and each one was in it to win. I was very nervous
when I attended the regional screening, but not nearly as nervous as I became when I got through to the semi finals and attended that in Lagos!

What was your focus for this competition? What were you looking at when you registered for Face Of Sleek Nigeria 2011 competition?

I didn’t really have a focus as such, and did not underestimate the other contestants for one second. But I was determined to just do the best I could and get as far as I could. I knew that the winner had to exude the Sleek Studio brand qualities of beauty, style and elegance and prayed that I fitted that bill.

So out of all the girls who got screened you were part of the final 15… and from 15 girls, the number was cut down to 8 girls for the final show. And at the end you got the crown. How did you feel when your name was mentioned as the overall winner?

All the finalists were referred to as ‘Sleek Girls’ number one or two or three, and so on. So the announcement was that ‘Sleek Girl number eight’ had won, and not actually that ‘Alexandra’ had won. So it took a few seconds for me to realise that I had won! Then I instantly experienced so many different emotions. From complete surprise and delight, to disbelief to shock and then concern that they had announced the wrong Sleek Girl number in error! Then all I could think of was that I couldn’t wait to tell my mum, family and friends!

The Final Three
Why do you think you were different from the other contestants because I remember all the girls were looking gorgeous that night? What did you do differently that you got the crown?

I agree that the other contestants looked gorgeous and I didn’t underestimate any of them for one second but for some reason the audience liked me and supported me from the very beginning. At the end of the evening some told me that they loved my short hair cut and some said that they loved my answers to the questions. The judges said that I radiated the Sleek Studio brand qualities of beauty, style and elegance, and had the kind of smile they were looking for for promoting the huge variety of makeup, hair and skincare products from Sleek Studio.

As the new Face of Sleek, what are your plans?

I plan to work hard and make the most of this fantastic opportunity I have been given. There are many photo shoots coming up for the variety of innovative hair and beauty products from Sleek Studio, and I will also become part of the Sleek Models team and model clothes for fashion designers.

Thanks for your Time

You are welcome.

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