?Eromo Egbejule Interviews Kevin Lyttle

I Wanna Work With African Artistes, Carribean SuperStar Declares His hit single, Turn Me On rocked intercontinental waves some years back and everyone danced and gyrated to the soca music of Caribbean superstar.

Kevin Lyttle.
However, he went silent for quite a while. Young celebrity journalist,
Eromo Egbejule crossed seven seas and climbed seven mountains in search of him. When he did find Kev, they had a chat about his new record label, new singles and life besides music.
Eromo Egbejule: Yo Kev, howdy? How’s your weekend going?
Kevin Lyttle: Hello, my weekend is going great thank you, very productive.

Eromo Egbejule: Like me, you studied engineering so why did you betray our profession, man? What allure did soca music and entertainment in general hold for you?
Kevin Lyttle: Dang…he just said I betrayed Engineering!:) That is a very strong word. lol. Engineering I did study yes, but that was never my dream. I studied Engineering for that was the guidance I had growing up. My mother wanted to make sure I had the best education but also my father figure growing up (I was very close to his sons) use to fix things he was very technical and that too runs on both sides of my family, for my
father is a mechanic. So it was guided as I said to be in that field. It wasn’t an attraction to Soca Music it was the idea I had to always be a big star like Stevie Wonder or Michael Jackson. I however decided to push back into the Caribbean and that’s how it began.

Eromo Egbejule: You’re married to a doctor who doubles as your manager. Howzit going? Any run-ins with your female fans?
Kevin Lyttle: Being married to a doctor who also doubles as my manager is working GREAT!!!! She is definitely not the jealous type nor does she have reasons to be. She is not a groupie she is my WIFE and knows no one can take her place.

Eromo Egbejule: Life in Miami, life as a family man (how many kids?); what’s changed in the Kevin who wowed the world with “Turn Me On”?
Kevin Lyttle: Life in Miami is awesome and being a family man works well for me. It keeps me disciplined and grounded. I don’t have all that free time on my hands I have responsibilities to take care of. I can’t party all night long and stay hanging out all day I have my son that I have to wake up daily and take to school and that is what matters the most, my family. I love the family life and as I said, it gives me that balance.

Eromo Egbejule: Being a dancehall superstar, has it crossed your mind to do a hit track with an African dancehall/makossa/coupe de cale singer like say Wizkid, Duncan Mighty, Cabo Snoop or Fally Ipupa? Or the more established acts like2face and eLDee?
Kevin Lyttle: I appreciate all the love Jamaica and the industry has shown me but my music is a crossover of Soca and R&B. I am not a dancehall star, I am a soca artist. I have heard of the fellow artistes and I would love to make a song with anyone who is making good music. I am always open to new opportunities.

Eromo Egbejule: Let’s talk about Atlantic Records where you were signed on to, alongside Sean Paul. How was the experience? Leaving to set up Tarakon Records with your wife, Jackie; has it been worth it?
Kevin Lyttle: The experience on Atlantic Records was great. They’re one of the most powerful Record companies in the world and they do an amazing job at marketing and promoting and they are the reason I have become the artist I am. They gave me my start and I am very grateful for that but I have left Atlantic a long time ago due to management reasons. Tarakon has been around since 2007 but is now being pushed by me. All is very well and worth it. I am in charge of the destiny of Kevin Lyttle.

Eromo Egbejule: Vincent and the Grenadines is quite a small country with close-knit ties to Jamaica, I hear. How has that affected your music, seeing as Jamaica is the home to dancehall and reggae?
Kevin Lyttle: Although Soca is the dominant music listened to and enjoyed in ST. Vincent, St.Vincent has a lot of dancehall influences such as the dancing styles from Jamaica and our accents are very similar, and being that my music is really Soca with a mix of dance-hall and R&B; it is strongly influenced by that culture!

Eromo Egbejule: Very recently, you dropped the track, Hot Girls and Alcohol. Nice. What’s the most intriguing thing that’s happened to you in a room with a good supply of both?
Kevin Lyttle: Hahaha…..LOL….No comment

Eromo Egbejule: What next from Kevin Lyttle? There’s been a hiatus since you released Fiyah.
Kevin Lyttle: We will release the official videos for “Wine and go down” and “Hot girls and Alcohol” early 2012 and later in the year a New album!!!! LOOK OUT WORLD…LOL
Eromo Egbejule: In a few days, you begin a tour of Malaysia. Last time you were in Nigeria, my exams made me miss the concert. How was the experience?

Kevin Lyttle: It was GREAT!!! Jah Rule and I had fun, it was a movie!
Eromo Egbejule: We’re the happiest people on earth, it has been said. Did you feel our warmth and hospitality?
Kevin Lyttle: Yeah man definitely, I look forward to getting there again soon. Are the Nigerian people ready for another round of Kevin Lyttle?

Eromo Egbejule: We are :D. No doubt when you were in Nigeria, you must’ve found out similarities between our culture and yours?
Kevin Lyttle: Yes your vibe is a lot like the Caribbean (especially the music) there is a very strong link between the two. The women are also as beautiful as my Vincy women.

Eromo Egbejule: When do you return, buddie?
Kevin Lyttle: As soon as you bring me back over. I AM READY!!!!!!!

Eromo Egbejule: How does your playlist look today? And er, what African songs are you feeling?
Kevin Lyttle: I like Kaysha, like his music. As for my play list, I have the top ten billboard artist and more. Have myself, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne quite a bit.

Eromo Egbejule: Let’s say you’re a believer in superstition and came across a rabbit’s left foot this Christmas..wish, please?
Kevin Lyttle: For the US politicians to hurry and make decisions in Congress. The most powerful country in the world taking it’s time to make decisions that affect the rest of the world. Taking for granted the little things that can make a big difference. I wish for change for better immediately.

Eromo Egbejule: Say I was Zeus or Odin and could transform you into a superhero or a fellow god, which would you become?
Kevin Lyttle: Zeus of course. I need to be as powerful as the one who creates me so I too can become who ever I want to at anytime.

And then
Kev goes: “Thank you and big-up Nigeria…Nuff Love and Respect!”
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