Guess who Auditioned in Nigerian Idol Season 2

Sylva Silliment

Sylva Sillimenti
23 years old, Musician
This disabled talent was not born lame, the tragedy of the loss of his limbs occured when he was seven years old when suddenly, he could not walk or make use of his legs. “I was not born disabled, he explains, this just happened to me one day when I was seven. It is as a result of enemies. They knew that I would become someone great and they wanted to cut my life short. To the glory of God, I am alive today and doing the will of God.”
When Sylva opens his mouth to sing, one readily forgets his physical condition to dwell on the beauty of his voice. Upon meeting the judges, Sylva chose the R.Kelly classic, ‘I believe I can fly’. The judges were held
spell bound by his voice as he began, waving his arms in rhyme with the words of the song. As his voice faded, the usually stoic Yinka Davies was moved to tears. At the end of the day, Sylva proceeded to the next stage of the competition to take a chance at becoming the next Nigerian Idol “I will make it one day, Sylva promises , I will become the next Nigerian Idol.


AGE: 25
The fair complexioned 25 year old Godwin Onoja’s passion for music is so infectious, it lights up every room. The fifth child from a family of nine, Godwin Onoja is a native of Benue State residing in Abuja.  “I am from a supportive and understanding family, he says with a wide smile. My mother has always told me that I started singing from a very tender age.” However, it was not until his early teens that he discovered that he could sing for an audience. “I found I could sing professionally for people to appreciate from the age of 13. It was then I realised my potential and now I want the whole world to see what I am capable of.”
During his time at the auditions, the judges could not resist the soul and feeling he put into every word as he performed ‘If I aint got nothing’. Idol  Judge Jeffrey Daniel spoke to Godwin, “to be honest with you, I think we have been waiting for you. And we are happy that you are here, thank you for coming. For Yinka Davies and Charly Boy, Godwin’s performance was so impressive that he was given the gold ticket to the Dream studios.

Godwin is focused not just on the experience, but also on the ultimate prize of winning the competition. “I want to be the next Nigerian Idol, he begins. I also want to make use of the platform that would be given to me and then most of all, I want to win! He says firmly with a sly smile, I really want to make money and fame.” According to his brother Edwin, Godwin is naturally gifted, music is a part of him and he brings his best out in music. We have encouraged him because that is the best way for him to shine.” And shine Godwin will as he heads for the group stages of the show.


Age: 18

Faith Douglas first showed up in Nigerian Idol in Season 1 when she wooed the judges and got a gold ticket to the Dream Studios for her efforts. However, she fell ill and had to drop out of the show for treatment. . This did not deter the vibrant 17 year old who vowed to return in Season 2 to prove herself once more to the judges. Now 18, and oozing confidence and vocal control, the judges fell in love with her over again as she sang her heart out with  Aretha Franklin’s ‘Natural Woman’ and was rewarded with yet another gold ticket to the Dream Studios. “After what happened in Season 1, i promised myself i would be back in Season 2. Here I am again and this time I was lucky enough again to get the gold ticket to the Dream Studios. I am so happy, this means everything to me, Charly Boy even said my performance gave him goose pimples!”

According to Faith, she discovered her gift for singing early in her childhood and was encouraged to pursue her dreams to a reality by her mother. “When I realised I had the gift of singing, she explained, I decided to join the church choir. It was at the choir that I learnt how to sing to crowds.” “ She can sing very well, She can sing to big crowds, anywhere you leave her, her voice will carry you, said Mrs Aghaheron with tears in her eyes. I was so happy when she won the golden ticket”
To the confident Faith, all her efforts would have been futile if not for the support from her mother.  “It is my prayer that I can change lives in so many ways, especially for my mom, she says. She has been so supportive in so many ways, in the aspect of prayer, she tries to encourage me to become the best at what I do, and she even makes my clothes she adds excitedly.
For Mrs Aghaheron, there is not much left to say, “Watch my daughter, because she is going to be the next Nigerian idol!”

Obinna Michael

Obinna Michael
21 year old student
A student of metallurgy at the Lagos State University, Obinna Michael is already on his way to charming the ladies and guys off with his beautiful voice and guitar skills. For this young student, it has been a long and winding road to Nigerian Idol. “I have been attending auditions and being rejected. It was a very hard time for me but I resolved to improve myself. Each and every time, I have gotten better and here I am today, with a golden ticket to the Dream Studios.”
Obinna is confident he stands a chance to win the competition amongst a pool of other very talented musicians. “Winning Nigerian Idol will change everything for me, he says with a huge smile. “My career, my family, everything would change for me!”
After he received a standing ovation from his fellow contestants while rehearsing, the judges were taken by the power in his voice and the charm in his performance and he was rewarded with a golden ticket to the Dream studios.

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