Checkout this Youth Volunteer Opportunity with PEER Group

I got this information from Jennifer Ehidiamen and i decided to share it with you all. Interested applicants should submit their application online b4 Dec. 8th 2011.

PEER Group is an acronym for ‘Productive. Empowered. Excellent and Responsible’ Group. Below is their Mission and Vision Statement.

PEER Group Mission Statement:
An organization that aims to address the prevalent social ills within its locality of operation through;
Increment and change in personal output of participants: PRODUCTIVITY; giving participants more
control over their own life or situation: EMPOWERMENT; achieving unusual goodness: EXCELLENCE; and
to make participants serve as catalyst for our desired change: RESPONSIBILITY.

PEER Group Vision Statement:
By 2031, P.E.E.R Alumni will be known for their reliability, skill, knowledge and principled character
useful in reviving our social and cultural values necessary to improve the country’s image both at home and abroad.

We are restructuring for the year ahead and as such, we need volunteers to fill in our vacant positions. Below is the list of the vacant positions.

(1) Team Lead (Project Co-ordinator, Founder) – Already filled.

(2) Logistics/support Lead (Two personnel; One person for the design of our programs to work effectively and the other for other structural and physical works),

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