MTN Project Fame: Isaac and Velma out!


Ruth stole the show with her energetic and electrifying performance of Aretha Franklyn’s ‘Respect’ after Ethel and Isaac sang  Karyn White’s ‘Super Woman’ and Bill Wither’s ‘Just the two of us’ respectively. Roy upped the game with Barry White’s ‘My first, my last, my everything’, Ese did Mary J. Blige’s version Luther Vandross’ ‘A thousand Kisses’ and Velma, Abba’s ‘I have a dream’.

Ade Bantu, the international musician and producer was present as a guest judge. With his keen ears and eyes complemented our not-so-easy-to-please judges.

After six powerful but terse  performances, it was judgement time. Pretty Ethel again won the hearts of viewers at home; judges saved Roy, faculty after much deliberation saved Ruth.
Ese, Velma, and Isaac’s fate was now to be determined by the votes of the four contestants not on probation. While Isaac got just a vote, the three other votes were in favour of Ese. Leaving Velma and Isaac out.
For the last time on PF4 Velma performed ‘Roots’ and Isaac ‘Mercy’ by Mighty Diamonds as they ushered in tomorrow’s reggae nite.

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