Pictures from Smirnoff Ice Circruise Party in Lagos

Wow…what a night! The Smirnoff Midnight Circus was everything promised and then some. What a cool party! Perfect venue, perfect timing and adequate security. The party experience was definitely unique and different. Trust me Smirnoff certainly knows how its done…there were Elephants, Muscle men, , lions in cages and many more and then the ringmaster


had us all spellbound with his magical performance on stage. Of course, performances from the ringmaster’s protégé; Tommy and the winner of the Soundcity DJ Search competition; Young Boss DJ Kayslay certainly showed they could hold the crowd as well. That night, I also learnt that Smirnoff is not just Vodka or Ice but Smirnoff vodka, Smirnoff Ice and Smirnoff and Orange premix.
Smirnoff also demonstrated responsible drinking and guests even went as far as signing a signature wall. What
a night! Calabar and Port-Harcourt are just around the corner with Calabar coming up on the 22nd of December and Port-Harcourt coming up on the 30th of December. Really wonder what those parties will look and feel like.

Suggest we stay tuned to the Smirnoff Nigeria Facebook page cos I know more information will come through on time. Tickets are also still up for grabs. There’s a “Smirnoff Midnight Circus” link on the Smirnoff Nigeria Facebook page click on it and then register for a ticket and you will definitely get one. That’s how some people got to  the Lagos party.

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