Exclusive Beach Party with Ice Prince, Choc Boys Crew and Olmeca Tequila

Lagos, on the 4th of December, 2011, will enjoy the best of Mexico fused with the swag of Lagos parties.
With lots of sun, sand and fun-loving people, this is guaranteed to be the most talked-about VIP-packed
beach party of the year.

Olmeca Tequila presents ‘Olmeca on the Beach’ with award-winning Ice Prince and his Choc City crew!
Loads of other Celebrities are expected to be in attendance as well. What better way to kick off the end-
of-year partying?

This exclusive beach party, taking place on a prestigious island just on the outskirts of Lagos, will feature
fun boat rides, various beach sports, masseurs, great music, great food and celebrities hanging out with
the Olmeca Tequila brand. While being treated to great music from Ice Prince and a few other talented
artistes, guests will discover and enjoy various cocktails that Olmeca Tequila has to offer.

Olmeca Tequila made from the premium Blue Agave liquid that’s produced using a 500-year old method
in Los Altos, Mexico and enjoyed all over the world, mostly as straight shots with lime and salt or as
cocktails such as the Tequila Sunrise and different types of Margaritas.

Although this high-end event is a closed one and strictly by invitation, there are opportunities on to win some wildly coveted invites between now and
December 3rd. Please LIKE the page and follow @Iceprincezamani and @bold_ent on twitter for more

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