TuFace, Bez, MI thrill Fans at Nigerian Brewries Plc “Hat Trick” Launch in Lagos

L-R Henk Wymenga technical Director, Jacco Van der Linden
Eric Monjoin, Heineken Man of the World unveiling Heineken Magnum

Nigerian star products;  Heineken  Magnum,  Fayrouz  PET  and  Legend  Can  by  Nigerian  Breweries  Plc  in Lagos on Saturday November 11th, 2011 at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos
The event tagged “Hat Trick” which a guest described as an “event that shook the brewery  industry to its foundation” Was well attended.  The event had symbolic significance as it was  held on a unique day-11-11-11 to align with the extraordinary unveiling of three products by  any company on the same day.
Tuface  hit  the  stage  with  his  hit  track  “One  love”  with  its  upbeat  reggae  style  with  four  of  his backup singers assisting; this had most of the guests on their feet. By the time his popular  tracks, “implication” and “as you see me so” were reeled out the audience was screaming for  more which compelled Tuface to
dish out “African queen” with the crowd miming the song  with him. At the end of the show, Tuface gave a good account of himself which goes to show  why he has remained one of the icons of the entertainment industry in the country.


MI  (Mr.  Incredible)  also  gave  a  good  account  of  himself  when  he  hit  the  stage  with  his  popular hit track “No. 1” where he gave the audience the opportunity to recite some of the  lyrics  alongside  him.  He  later  performed  “undisputed”  and  “Action  film”  which  led  to  the  unveiling of Legend Can in a military styled parade dance step. 
Guitar  man  Bez  was  not  left  out  as  he  performed  “super  sun”  which  culminated  in  the  unveiling of Fayrouz PET with some crack and energetic dancers. He sealed his part of the  show with “Zuciya daya.”
Also  present  at  the  event  was  Eric  Monjoin,  “The  Heineken  man  of  the  world”  and  iconic  actor  that  featured  in  Heineken’s  latest  global  campaign,  The Entrance.  NB  also  used  the  event  to  reaffirm  its  commitment  toward  the  production  of  high  quality  drinks  that  meet  international standards. The event did shake the industry to its foundation when NB unveiled  the three products; Heineken Magnum, appropriately dubbed “the only beer that pops.” The  Magnum comes in the shape of a classic champagne-style bottle complete with cork and cage  seal, Fayrouz PET bottle and Legend can.


Speaking  at  the  unveiling  ceremony,  Jacco  Van  der  Linden;  Marketing  Director  of  NB  said “Heineken Magnum comes in an impressive 150cl unique and innovative bottle with a  cork that allows consumers in Nigeria to actually share a beer for the first time. It is the only  beer  that  pops  making  it  perfect  for  occasions,  especially  for  the  upcoming  Christmas  and  New Year celebrations. Since 2003, Heineken has been the No 1 international premium lager in  Nigeria  and  world’s  leading  international  premium  beer  in  the  highly  profitable  and  fast growing international premium segment.”
Jacqueline  Van  Faassen,  Senior  Brand  Manger,  Heineken  added  that  Magnum  contains  the
same  high  quality  premium  Heineken  beer  and  should  be  served  in  a  special  bucket  filled
with ice and with a special Heineken glass to give that super premium impression and perfect

Shedding light on Legend extra stout, Van der Linden stressed that it is currently the fastest  growing stout brand in Nigeria. On why did he come to this conclusion, he said “It is because  we  were  able  to  provide  a  better  tasting  stout  preferable  by  consumers  and  also  showing  in  sales  volume.  Legend  is  a  full  brewed  stout,  the  only  one  in  the  country.  We  decided  to  put  legend  in  can  because  it  was  what  our  consumers  wanted  and  because  it  reaches  those  places the bottle cannot due to convenience. We did this in order to deliver satisfaction to all  consumers who desire an affordable and best quality stout.”
Funso Ayeni, Brand Manager Legend extra stout added that at the end of 2009, Legend was  re-launched in a great looking bottle which befitted the brand. The growth of the brand, he  stated  has  been  phenomenal.  “Legend  is  growing  impressively  in  volume  every  two  years. This  great  achievement  is  unheard  of  in  Nigerian  markets  and  we  are  excited  about  it.  We believe that despite these huge achievements, Legend can still grow faster in the future and the consumers can be assured of getting Legend wherever or whenever they want it.
On Fayrouz, Van der Linden said the brand was introduced into the Nigerian Market in 2007
as the first malt based soft drink. It is available in 33cl bottle and cans which was launched in  2009. The brand has been highly successful with impressive annual growth year on year. The  payoff is “refreshingly different” taking into cognisance that the brand is the only premium  grown up soft drink in the Nigeria market today.
The introduction of the PET bottle is to further consolidate market dominance according to  Nnenna Ifebigh-Hemeson, Senior Brand Manager Fayrouz. She stated that the brand which  comes in pear and pineapple flavours has been widely accepted by consumers within a very short time.
Nnenna stressed that Fayrouz is a “premium soft drink that has been specially developed for  an adult palate, with no artificial colours or preservatives. It is naturally created to be gently  sparkling  and  to  deliver  delicious  fruit  flavoured  refreshment.  With  its  golden  colour  and  foamy head which is a result of the malted barley, Fayrouz is the perfect choice for people  looking for an excitingly different soft drink. Malted barley lies at the heart of the Fayrouz  recipe and is traditionally crafted using pure, clear water to let its flavour build slowly over  several  days.  This  helps  to  give  Fayrouz  its  unique  depth  of  flavour  and  sweetness.  As  Fayrouz does not undergo any fermentation process there is no alcohol in the final delicious

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