Hunger Strike Day 11.11.11 Update

 Some have come all over the country by road, Air to join their fellow Nigerian Youth today at the UNITY Fountain beside Hilton Hotel Abuja right in front of the Millennium Park. This is not the time to sit on the fence and play safe. This is the time to express the fundamental human rights they have been refused by the Federal Government. The only message they have is they intend to spread a non-violent way- Nigerian Youth outrightly say no to Removal of Fuel Subsidies.

@AbangMercy  from the Location today and here are some of her tweets , “Heavy police presence was noticed at the Shehu Shagari Way and one needs “liver” get to the Unity Fountain, the venue of the
protest”. But Mercy made it through to the venue against all odds

Police chased the youths away from the fountain as a result of bomb threats. Pressmen out numbered Nigerian youths. Some youths are scared of breaking through the police barricade.
Mercy tweeted, “Police commission just got here, and young people were chased out by the bomb squared with police dogs out of the unity fountain”.

Here are some of the tweets  and Pictures:


Pictures: @AbangMercy/ Ynaija Timeline

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