How to use Twitter to enhance your Business Online

Twitter is one of the Social Media Tool people use effectively to Promote their Business Online. I just want to share few tips with you on ‘How To’ use Twitter as a Social Media Tool effectively.

Follow the relevant people in your business and engage with them – Connect with them and kindly ask for a follow back so you can send DM (Direct Messages) too and also rub minds together. I remember when i started tweeting , the people i was following were not into what i was doing i had to unfollow them and searched for people in my field. At the long run, I started using the tool very well.

Remember to add value to others too online. Twitter is the hardest social media tool and you don’t need magic to be able to use the tool. You have to understand it perfectly. I joined twitter in August 2009 and I didn’t know how to use until July 2010 so it took me almost a year to be able to use efficiently. The good news there is that it helps at the end.

Learn to use the Hashtag symbol (#) on twitter – Most people don’t know it helps to make search on twitter easier. I can’t go through your tweets but when you are promoting your business online. For instance #XYZClothings + the tweets infront of it. It makes search on twitter easier and you can also go back and pick few tweets too.

Brand Interaction is improving on Twitter and the good news is that 1/3 of these brands and marketers  followers are interacting via Twitter more this year than last year. The bad news is these same brand followers are very choosy about whom they follow with 80% following less than 10 brands via Twitter. You know they don’t follow everyone back.

To improve your Twitter marketing, Use Friend or Follow, Kurrently and  Twitter Fall these are tested and trusted sites..

Respect the follow button – Some people don’t know how to ask for a follow back and some know how to ask for a follow. Some people abuse it and when you do, people will block you. That is not good .. No no…

Value your followers online..

And remember that the real life is outside Twitter Don’t get into it too much into it. Value the time you spend online and make use of it very well. I don’t want to make this post long if you have any questions please ask me on [email protected]  Thanks

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