Exclusive Interview with Young Entreprenuers Ife Adebiyi and Seun Abiodun of Rhobes Bespoke

Seun and Ife Partners at Rhobes Bespoke Clothing

Oluwaseun Abiodun and Adebiyi Ifedapo are both graduates. Ife studied Accounting in Olabisi Onabanjo University and Seun studied Engineering in Unilag  but they decided to go into fashion fully. They are both young Entrepreneurs and also Nigerians. They own and run a unique fashion lifestyle company called RHOBES BESPOKE  here in Lagos, Nigeria. They showcased their first clothing line in 2010 at the Lagos Fashion Week. Well, I don’t really need to say much. What you see is what you get “wink” Read their interview and get inspired!!

Can we meet you?
IFE- My names are Adebiyi Ifedapo Adetunji. I’m a partner at Rhobes Bespoke Nigeria. I studied B.Sc Accounting in Olaabisi Onabanjo University popularly known as OSU.


SEUN-  My name is Abiodun Oluwaseun I graduated from University of Lagos Faculty of engineering.

Wby Fashion and Nothing else?
IFE – It started from something I wanted to do something different and I was interested in designing. I said to myself once that why can’t I wear my own things most times when I go out to shop I spend so much time looking for one shirt and I grew up with my grandmother she was a seamstress and I got that knowledge from her  I said to myself why cant I do this my own way.
SEUN- I have always wanted to be a Fashion Designer and most times, I buy clothes for people. I didn’t really plan to go into Fashion fully when i had to do business, the Fashion thing came to me first and now I’m into it fully.

So now you are saying that the Fashion thing has been in you since and you didn’t go to school to learn about fashion
IFE -There was really nothing to learn about it. It was just like sourcing for ideas and just looking for stuffs and seen how its done

Alright, so tell us what Rhobes Bespoke is all about
IFE – Rhobes Bespoke is a clothing line that offers bespoke clothing services. We don’t make the regular ready to wear, put them on that people go to shops to buy. We look at every individual  and do something that suits him and we also recognized that people have different styles. Some have edge some are laid back What we do basically is do stuffs that will suit the individual. Right now what we  do is Male clothing , strictly male later we look into the female wears and children too.

You are a co-partner to RHOBES BESPOKE, What do you do?
SEUN- What we do everything together we have our strength but mostly the creative part, we put our minds together and we work as a team really we don’t work individually.

Who are your clients?
IFE – Our clients are young and upwardly mobile Men, bankers, lawyers, people who are independent and students, entertainers, comedians, performers, musicians.
SEUN- We are working on a lot of celebrities like FREEZE, ICE PRINCE, DOTUN COOL FM, GT THA GUITARMAN, C.O.R.E, DAYO HIP TV and we cloth him for the Headies Award and we are looking forward to work with other people.

What are your plans for RHOBES BESPOKE?

We really want to do fashion real big and we are spreading down to some parts of Africa where people can get their clothes very affordable. We also plan to have our different lines like Bridals, Ladies wear, affordable clothes for people and just have different lines and also get more fashion brands

Why not women 
SEUN- You know how women are they are very funny and we just felt what is comfortable for us now is to work with Men and what we do is BESPOKE


Are your designs affordable?
IFE -Yes they are affordable very affordable. Suits are our core that’s our strength anything aside that goes too.

What inspires you?
IFE – Anything…. Everything actually.. Things I see, colours….  Fashion errors inspire me more cos if I see an error right now it gets to me and I note it. For instance if I see someone wearing a suit wrongly I say to myself that shouldn’t go like that. How should it be? So that’s what gets us thinking and we go back and sit down and strategise on how it should be , we correct it and make it right.

Last words..
IFE -Dress right never use a black belt on a brown shoe and every man should have a lot of pocket squares in his wardrobe

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