E Travel: Travel Free Travel Easy

Weekly, the Lagos MM2 Airport has nothing less than 2000 people visiting its workspace from all parts of Nigeria. Mostly are travellers and others include, visitors who will like to pick up their travellers, ticket purchasers and tourists (I mean people who just want to come and have a view of its beauty). However, My Article today is focused on the issues people have as regards boarding and ticketing. It is no doubt that we are in the Information dispensation and it is expected that people especially the young people maximize

it to its zenith. Young people are frequent users of the social networks, sophisticated computers/ laptops and also Mobile Machines and to top it up, young people travel more frequently and they constitute of the checking in queue. 

 Queuing up at the airport just to get a boarding pass can be a thing of the pass only if we use the information at our tips. Checking in excess baggage can be a reason for queuing but only for the un-informed. Presently, travellers can save Money if they can utilize the online ticketing method, hence, check in online and also buy an excess baggage voucher at a discounted price.  It is a very easy platform to use especially on the Aero and Arik Portal and hence, E-Travel is still the way out even as we predict its future.
This is also a call on all Local developers and Mobil App creators to come-up with innovative products to help solve some problems that travellers face at the Airport for example? Why will Checking in take up to 4hours? Is there a better way to save such time and transfer it to Money?

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