Photos: Damage Movie Community Service Screening

 The Damage Movies is an Uche Jombo production and it’s a divergent assortment of 3 stories (Damage, My Life My Damage, My Country Their Damage) that addresses the issues of domestic violence, drug abuse/HIV Aids and Human trafficking respectively.

The first, Damage deals with the psychological effects of domestic violence on women and children. The second, My Life, My Damage’ follows a young lady who lived a reckless life of drug abuse and now has to face the damning consequences of contracting HIV/AIDs. The last, ‘My Country, Their Damage’ highlights the issue of Human Trafficking.

October is Domestic Awareness Month, and Damage Movies is currently touring the US to talk about this atrocious act and make people aware that it is never ok to inflict physical or verbal abuse on another human being. For Tour dates and more information, go to

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