E-TRAVEL: Maximizing its Potential

Technology grows wide and Africa’s level of Adoption has been quite revolutionary especially with the
use of social network which makes information accessed more easily. From hi5 to facebook to twitter to
LinkedIn and other mediums, information has been easily accessed and this is an open ground to explore
maximally just like the Crude Oil that Nigeria still feeds on today.

Technology and Air-Travel has quite a symbiotic relationship which make it easy for travellers to make
their reservation and pay online. Thanks to Aero Contractors who brought this concept to West Africa.
But indeed, is that all we yearn for as regards the ease of our Air travel system?
Of course NO! Recently,
Aero contractors officially launched the SMS booking procedure where customers can send an SMS to
the short code 32120 via their mobile. With this service, customers can look up available flights by
sending their departure and destination city as well as the date they want to fly in this format “Aero Lagos
Abuja 20 October” to 32120. Then the system responds with a confirmation of the route, date and list of
available flight connection and price for a single adult ticket. You can then chose a flight from the list and
text the row number of that flight, your first name and surname to 32120 in the format “ Aero 3 Taiwo
Bankole”. The system books the flight and puts the reservation on hold and hence, sends the recipient a
confirmation message listing the flight number, the PNR, billing code, reference number and the final
payable amount (booking can be kept on hold for a maximum of 24hours and a minimum of 18hours
from the time the booking is made). On hold booking however, must be paid for at least six hours before
departure else, the booking will be automatically cancelled and as soon as the payment is made, you will
be sent a payment confirmation message and then, you are ready to fly!

Gladly, this is the first of its kind in west Africa and the future of Air travel goes on to be more easy and
uncomplicated for its lovers.

As the African market space keeps widening, we call on young developers and IT gurus to maximize the
innate potential resident in E-travel as this is the present phase of travel globally.

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