AIRTEL debunk ‘Sack Rumors’ says 40% Airtel workers are Contract Staff of Another Agency

??Airtel Call Centre Shutdown: The True Position

Contrary to the rumours and outright falsehood being peddled across certain social media platforms, Airtel Nigeria has not sacked any of its employees and does not have any intention to cut staff salaries.

Airtel employees remain committed.

Regarding the recent call centre shutdown, the contract of an agency to one of our partners expired September 30th. About 40 per cent of call centre workers are employees of this agency. Despite the contract expiration, several employees of this agency will be re-absorbed into the system. So, the issue of mass sack, salary cut and poor benefits are outright falsehood.

Airtel is committed to realizing its vision of being the most loved brand in Nigeria and will continue to ensure that the dialogue between its call centre partners and their employees is fruitful and productive.

They also remain passionate in their quest to continue to provide our customers with the best service experience.

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