Its the Hottest Beach Party in Lagos again!! Sunday @ the Bay

Its the Hottest Beach Party in Lagos again! October 2nd (Independence Edition of Sundays @the Bay)
What to expect: great people, ball + board games, drinks, bbq + loads of fun. July edition was bangin’ (AXE sombori!)

What to bring: ur hawt self dressed reppin Naija (Green / White) to the take-off point (Walter Carrington, VI) @ exactly 11.30am no delays cos its a huge bus ride (not boats) to Location X.
Since d venue is coded, ur 3k access fee must be paid into ThinkBoxx’s GTB account (0002845686) BEFORE 4pm on Tuesday-Sept 27 
Text 08189443811 with ur details.               NO PAYMENT @ the  venue
  The Monday after is a public holiday oh, so please don’t  dull!! CAll 08189443811 for more info

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