Album Review: I Still Believe by Paul Adefarasin and the Chosen Treasure

Paul Adefarasin and the Chosen Treasure
{Featured artistes: Chevelle Franklyn, Segun Obe, Timi Dakolo, Sammie Okposo, Mike Aremu, Niki Laoye, Mandy Brown, Praise Adejo, Eric Arubayi}
I still Believe album is definitely an album for every believer who understands the true meaning of true worship to buy and keep. The album marks the eight years existence of The Chosen Treasure choir of The House on The Rock Church which at a point had all the listed featured artistes as members of the choir except Chevelle Frankyn. The16 tracker innovative and thought-provoking album proves to be well worth the wait.
One of the beauties of this album is the use of live instruments that caught the attention of every first listener. The unique vocal arrangements make this project a great addition to your collection. It also has catchy phrases and infectious baselines which reveal the ingenious creativity of great producers that worked on the album. The vibe is smooth and gives a distinctive edge in the holy hip hop arena.
On ‘Fight’, International gospel artiste, Chevelle Frankln added her awesome vocal stylistics to the song. She stays true to her style and sound, but also brings freshness to the project, with her transparency and passion truly shining through. The song urges the Christians to fight on with everything they have because the devil is always on their trail. Another important factor that will catch your attention on this track is Pastor Paul Aderasin’s interludes. The velvety voice oozing out from the speaker might be mistaken as the voice of God encouraging his children to match on no matter what.
This project will definitely satisfy existing fans while creating a platform for a new audience. ’Champion’ is another track on the album that explains the victory of Christians through Jesus Christ. The track which was written Darasen Richards with another interlude by Pastor Paul Adefarasin is a great motivational song, and nothing could have been more motivating and soul gripping than the delivery of Timi Dakolo on the track. His skills will definitely warrant repeated spins on your CD player. Timi simply killed the song!
 Be sure to check out ‘I Still Believe’ written by Sammie Okposo and Gloreeyah Braimah with the infectious vocal delivery of Remi Odumesi. It emphasizes the need to praise God at all times with an unshaken heart. ‘Change’ is another inspiring song which advises listeners to embrace change if it’s the right type of change. Other great songs on the album are Revive Us, Get Ready, God of My Praise, Stumbled, God Is In The Rain andYou Won’t Be Forgotten.

Though there are a number of collaborations on this project, it is the strength of the album flow that will keep this one on your top 10 playlist. Without question, I Still Believe album marks a new beginning for Chosen Treasure and Pastor Paul Adefarasin. Though there’s a new sound and a new label, it’s that same Gospel album creativity and lyrical flow that we’ve come to know and love.

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