A must read – Cybercrime is not Nigeria’s middle name’

emmanuel afonapi, bukona oseni and gbenga sesan
I saw this link (story)  on the twitter and i decided to share this with my readers.

Gbenga Sesan wants the world to know that cybercrime is not Nigeria’s middle name.
He doesn’t deny there is a major problem, in fact, he goes so far as to call it a “national disaster”. But he is determined to help Nigeria move on from it.
His project, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN), aims to inspire and teach the young people of Nigeria how to become legitimate computer-literate entrepreneurs especially those in the country’s slums most at risk of becoming ‘Yahoo! Yahoos!’.
“Nigeria is not supposed to be a technology savvy country but we’ve got a cybercrime problem,” he says.
“How do you explain a country with not as many internet users as the West, as being the source of probably the highest number of cybercrime incidents?”

Sesan, an opinionated, long-time blogger and self-made IT guru who lectures around the world, pinpoints the fallout from Nigeria’s massive unemployment rate as a catalyst for the proliferation of the 419 (advance-fee fraud) over the past decade. It’s estimated that around 60 million out of 150 million Nigerians are unemployed. And even though the country’s universities are churning out an increasing amount of graduates only 10 per cent of these are finding “gainful employment” within two years.
“So that’s a minimum of 40million young people out of work, which means only one thing: restlessness and crime.”
Sesan believes these problems ferment in Nigeria’s ever-swelling slums and he has directed one of his campaigns,, towards the vastest slum in Nigeria (and possibly all of Africa). Continue reading  HERE

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