Amber Rose’s Twitter Gets Hacked!!

Another hilarious Twitter hacking incident (or so she says…), Amber Rose says someone got a hold of her account password and tweeted some pretty nasty and hilarious things about the big boys of hip hop, including ex-boyfriend Kanye West and current baby Wiz Khalifa.
Her last tweet (as of 8:00am EDT on Saturday) was:
(To Kid Red)
@kidred_ ‘s is a cheatin lying son of a bitch too but at least his d**k is bigger than yours bum nigga.
(To Chris Brown)
I know yall know I f*cked @chrisBrown , so what
(To Kanye)

@kanyeWest Ready 4 our New movie boo …… “Watch the Dome”

(To Lil B From The Pack)
@lilbthebasedgod cooked this p*ssy …. #Swag – Lil B

(To Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West)
@RealWizKhalifa f*ck you bitch ass nigga ! Its over. U aint shit, just like that @kanyewest bitch ass ! #niggasaintsh*t #backtogirls4me

You think she got hacked or was just venting and immediately regretted it later? Please  fill  us back with comments!

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