Roc Da Mic Nigeria 2011 Hip Hop/ Alternative Reality Show

Roc Da Mic is the first ever hip hop/alternative Nigerian music reality
show. It seeks to expose the abundance of musical talent that can be found
in Nigeria. We intend creating a platform for emerging trends and
producing talent that can stand out in the crowd but still, with a blend
of originality provide a fresh infusion of sound to the music scene.

Nigerian youths have over the years identified with hip hop, and the genre
has grown over the last ten years and is currently one if not the biggest
genre loved by Nigerian youths. Hip hop has grown so big that the Nigerian
music scene has enjoyed an abundance of hip hop stars who have been able
to keep their hip hop fresh and on point while still infusing indigenous
sounds, languages etc. Truth be said hip hop rules the music scene in
Nigeria, not a day goes by without one new talent or the other been
discovered . Its common place to see youths showing off their ability to
rap, freestyle, rhyme or spit lyrics, it is therefore sad that there has
never been a television show that has targeted this huge demography. Roc
da Mic intends to finally put hiphop/alternative Nigerian music out there
and create the platform that is needed to push this genre forward.

About the Organisers: Zara Productions

Zara Productions exists to affect the way and manner in which TV content
and programming is done in Nigeria through the creation and production of
television programs that are informative educative and entertaining. Zara
Productions is a wholly indigenous media organization, committed to

providing quality edutainment to all Nigerians by developing creative,
imaginative, and effective media content. The organization is based in
Abuja and operated by a team of highly qualified team of young and veteran
professionals. Our activities include creation, development, production,
and broadcast of various television programs.

The search is open to all interested youth who are talented in either
hip-hop or alternative Nigerian music or both. They can participate by
downloading the form from the website and paying in
the sum of Four Thousand Naira into Roc Da Mic account number 0058569754
in any Oceanic Bank branch nationwide.
Auditions will be held at designated centres all around the country.
The show will be aired on Africa Independent Television (AIT), from
October 2011.


1ST PRIZE – 4million Naira +Brand New Car+ International Recording
Contract worth Millions of Naira

2ND PRIZE – 2million Naira + Local Recording Contract worth Millions of Naira

3RD PRIZE – 1million Naira + Loads of consolation prizes.

For more information, please contact us on:
08035759928  08073397018        08191237526

To download the Roc Da Mic 2011 form, and for more info, go to


YouTube Page:


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