Album Review: Beautiful Noise by Timi Dakolo

What Can I say? The album is good , he obviously dreamt of this material therefore it opens out to call in someone like Cobhams Asuquo to work with him on this lovely album. What people don’t really understand is most of times making good music like this requires more than just talent, the music it self tells you who you need and what you need to make that special music you have in your head. If you meet people like Timi Dakolo or someone whom you feel have something to add to what you have on your notes before it goes into sub consciousness while the music being created you could almost hear people sing along with you and that’s how you’ll know you are on point to create something special.

Timi Dakolo didn’t just have a good sense of music he choose his features wisely as well. When I was listening to track (5) Heaven please Ft MI I was blown away, track (6) Is it really Over ft Joen Ekpai, you’ll know they invested some extra ordinary effort in this work and you could feel it from the first track, second track to the last track. One of my favourite track in this album is ‘Raise the roof’ ft cobhams very lovely.

I think what make this album a complete album aside the fact that Timi Dakolo is a talented musician is the fact that he had a team of profesional musicians who actually know what they are doing and understand what they want to work on including the result they were expecting.

Although it’s his first album, I don’t think there is anything any one will rather add to it !

I’ll say Beautiful Noise is a very good album everyone should have at home in the car mp3, Ipods because its more than just an album but its a beautiful album.

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