They are available in an endless variety of styles, brooches are versatile accessories that can give your outfit that extra touch. You can rock a brooch in an unexpected way with these creative suggestions.

  • Accent a Headband; bring some life to a fabric headband by simply attaching a brooch. Smaller brooches look elegant when placed off to the side, while large brooches make excellent centerpieces. If you want a gypsy inspired look, attach a brooch to the center of a turban headband.

  • Pin your scarf with a brooch: When you put your scarf around your neck connect it in the middle with a brooch. It will give your scarf a whole different feel!Wear the edgy brooches with your soft, feminine dresses and blouses to make them stand out
  • Never let your brooch match the color of your outfit: that will make it old-fashioned and matronly.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear more brooches at a time: just make sure you coordinate the style. A plastic smiley brooch doesn’t go with a vintage crystal one. Not that I think any of you fashionistas would wear a plastic, yellow, smiley brooch

  • Create a Necklace; Combine a brooch with any of your jewelry to create a one-of-a-kind necklace. The secret is in the placement – connect the ends of a necklace with a brooch, and you have an instant statement piece. You’ll look artsy and unique with this interesting take on accessories.
  •  Intensify a Hairdo; who says a brooch has to be pinned to items? You can mix it up by using it as a hair accessory. When you’re done getting ready, carefully attach the brooch to your hair for a fresh new look. You’ll look glamorously vintage >>>>>> Fashion tips by Ayo

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