Amy Winehouse To Be Buried Today

Amy winehouse and Kelly osbourne

 A spokesperson for Amy Winehouse’s family has confirmed the singer will be laid to rest in a private ceremony today (26.07.11). Amy Winehouse’s funeral will take place (26.07.11).

The 27-year-old singer – who was found dead at her north London home on Saturday (23.07.11) – will be laid to rest in a private ceremony for her loved ones, a family spokesperson has confirmed.
The representative refused to give details of the time or location for the service. Jewish customs normally require a funeral to take place within 24 hours of death.
However, Amy’s had to be delayed in order for post-mortem examinations to be carried out.
Her inquest was opened and immediately adjourned at London’s St Pancras Coroner’s Court today (25.07.11) in order to prevent further delays
in the burial. Assistant Deputy Coroner Suzanne Greenaway told the two-minute hearing: “I’m formally opening this inquest. I’m issuing interim certificates to allow Miss Winehouse’s family to make arrangements for the funeral.”
Amy Jade Winehouse, aged 27, born on the 14 September 1983 in London. She was a divorced lady living at Camden Square, NW1. She was certified dead at her home by a paramedic and a doctor on July 23.
“She was a singer/songwriter at the time of her death and was identified by her family here at St Pancras this morning. A section 20 post mortem has been carried out and histology and toxicology taken to determine the cause of death.
“The scene was investigated by police and determined non-suspicious.” The case has now been adjourned until October 26.

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