Event : Yoruba Youth Corporation (YYC) July 21st – 24th

 Greetings from the Yoruba Youth Corporation! We are proud to announce once again that the Yoruba Youth Corporation (YYC) in collaboration with other Nigerian socio-cultural organizations in North America that includes the Nigerian Frontier of America (RI) and the Nigerian Community Rhode Island will be hosting its annual National Youth Convention celebrating Nigerian culture and traditions. The theme for this year is “Awakening the spirit of patriotism and selfless service among the Youths.” The convention will be held from July 21st-23rd, 2011 at 175 Oaklawn Ave Cranston, Rhode Island, U.S.A . We have chosen this theme, as this is a particular time of change and transition in Nigeria. Not only is the country growing economically–we are now the second largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa. As an organization, we  feel it is important that the youth take part in this process, hence we have chosen to bring together like minded Nigerian youths, to discuss and find ways to be involved in the process, both individually and as an organization. We hope to educate our youths all over the world about the significance of our rich heritage.

The Yoruba Youth Corporation (YYC) is an organization for young people whose aim is to promote the Yoruba heritage by creating an environment for peer to peer interaction.  YYC wants to inspire our members to lead a successful, fruitful, and culturally awakened life through mentoring, tutoring, and scholarship. We would also like to introduce YORUBA LANGUAGE and culture into junior colleges.

Although we are a relatively young organization, we have a membership that spans the United States, Canada and other countries. We currently stand at approximately 1850 members worldwide, with about 200 based locally in Michigan. We communicate with non-local members via the popular social networking site Facebook. For our local members we meet several times monthly and also communicate through our website,

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