6 Easy Ways To Reward Your Twitter Followers

Consumers follow their favorite businesses on Twitter to get an inside look at the business, to find out about new products, earn discounts and be a part of a community. Businesses have the potential to turn these fans into brand ambassadors by making their followers feel special and appreciated. Here are 6 ways to reward your Twitter followers.

1. Offer Them a Freebie

The best price in the world is free, and many businesses have taken to Twitter to offer some goodies to those who follow them. Every day, Sprinkles Cupcakes has a secret phrase that must be whispered at a location in order to redeem a free cupcake. The phrase relates either to a holiday (like Mother’s Day, which presents a great reason to buy a dozen cupcakes) or to broaden awareness of a new Sprinkles location, like the one in New York. And Sprinkles doesn’t skimp on the freebies — it offers 25 to 200 free cupcakes a day for each phrase, sometimes at every location.

2. Give Them Control

Brooklyn Boulders, a rock-climbing facility in Brooklyn, New York, routinely does Twitter contests for free day passes and climbing lessons. But they’ve also realized that relinquishing control to fans is also highly coveted — they do a Twitter raffle to give someone control over the facility’s music when they climb.
This is something that food trucks have also taken to — they let the fans determine where they’ll park. Convenience is king and time is money, so customers are thrilled if they merely have to step outside the office to be treated to their favorite meal on wheels.

3. Give Them a Shoutout

Everyone loves some attention and being thanked — Twitter provides an environment in which that can be done (for free). Following someone back scores huge points with consumers (it’s like you’re giving them a stamp of approval), and retweeting them or thanking them for a nice tweet goes even further — it’s a public display of appreciation, and people like knowing they’re appreciated.
N9NE Steakhouse in Chicago is great at responding to fans — the account tweets at patrons to ask how their meal was and to thank them for coming by. One might not expect this friendly tone and humble outreach from a high-end steakhouse, but the strategy is successful and welcoming to fans.

4. Teach Them Something

5. Let Them In

Twitter has the ability to humanize brands, and passionate fans will appreciate getting to glimpse behind the curtains. Posting pictures and videos, sharing inside jokes, keeping them up to date with behind-the-scenes happenings and letting fans get to know the real you all help fans feel like they’re in your inner circle.
Jewelry line Dannijo has a great Twitter feed that is chock full of Instagrams with funky filters. It’s an artsy way for sisters and founders Danielle and Jodie Snyder to show what they’re wearing, what they’re doing, who they’re with and where they are. By providing a multi-dimensional view of who they are as sisters, designers, businesswomen and New York city denizens, you feel a personal connection to them.

6. Make Them Laugh

Since people often steal a glimpse at Twitter when they’re stressed at work or on the go, it’s nice to know that a stranger can give you a chuckle. That boost of endorphins will keep your followers coming back and will increase engagement as you build your brand. And that can have a huge effect on your bottom line.
Know of some other ways to reward your followers? Let us know in the comments.

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