Mozambique’s Michael became the third Housemate to be evicted from M-Net’s Big Brother Amplified, last night as Bernadina lived to fight another day, in the Tails House.
Michael found himself up for eviction after Head of House Vimbai saved Hanni and put him up in her place, once the nominations had been announced last Monday. When IK took viewers into the House and asked Vimbai to reveal her decision to her Housemates, she told them that she had saved Hanni because she reminded her of herself at the same age and replaced her with Michael, who she said played the role of the “dishonest broker”. “When does it (strategy) stop being a game and start impacting on our lives outside of these walls?” she asked.
IK summoned Bernadina to the stage as the Housemates looked around, bewildered. As the Namibian emerged to join him on stage, he asked her about her best memory in the House – but interrupted her response as Big Brother delivered a message via his earpiece. “Big Brother has asked me to tell you to leave the stage,” he told her, with a shrug. Shocked at being cut off, she turned and walked off stage. Moments later, she emerged into the Tails House to great shrieks of delight, declaring “I knew there was another House!” as she shared hugs with her new ‘new’ Housemates.

Cabo Snoop rocked the stage with their hit “Windek” as Bernadina settled in – but then IK popped up on the Heads House video monitor again and asked Michael to join him on stage. IK immediately revealed that Michael had been evicted from Big Brother Amplified, based on votes. “Are you ok?” IK asked. “Ya, I’m cool,” said the Mozambican. “I did what I had to do, I’m a winner and that’s how I’ll be from now on, there’s no limits for me,” Michael told the continent. “You went pretty hard on Sharon towards the end there…” said IK, leaving the question implied. “I like her, she’s a nice girl – it wasn’t just a game, she’s hot and I feel that and it was real”.
As Michael departed the stage, IK took viewers into the Heads House for a third time. “I have a message for the other nominated Housemates. I wish I could tell you it was over… When I call your name, please stand and wait for further instructions,” he said, before reading out the names of Sharon O, Vina, and Confidence. After a dramatic pause, he revealed that they were safe, completing an emotional rollercoaster of a show for all the Heads Housemates.
There was a three-way tie for last place after Africa had voted this week, with Confidence, Bernadina and Michael receiving one country vote each. For this reason, the tie-breaking mechanism was used. On a percentage basis, Confidence stayed in the Heads House, Bernadina went to Tails and Michael was evicted.
Here’s how the votes broke down:
– Vina: 6 country votes – Angola, Ethiopia, Botswana, Nigeria, South Africa and the Rest of Africa (27.8%)
– Sharon O: 6 country votes – Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe (22.7%)
– Confidence: 1 country vote – Ghana (19.3%)
– Bernadina: 1 country vote – Namibia (17.3%)
– Michael: 1 country vote – Mozambique (12.6%)
Angolan stars Cabo Snoop had kicked off the show with a high-energy performance before IK reminded viewers of the week that was in the two Houses. Viewers then got a chance to see what Nkuli had felt about her departure from Big Brother Amplified last week. “It was an incredible experience, there are wonderful people in the House and it was so much more than I expected,” she said in her video insert. She said that she had bonded most with Michael – who she knew before entering Big Brother Amplified and had a good friendship connection with Luclay, but she wouldn’t miss Ernest. She said that in the long term, she looked forward to getting married, having kids and living a principled life.

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