Talking about network in Nigeria, we have different network people use every day from Airtel, Etisalat, Mtn and Glo and the purpose, they are meant to serve we the users and always provide good and smooth network connection for us but in this case its quite different. People complain and argue about the best network they’ve ever used.  They also argue about their different services which each network gives “awuf” credit and free Sms monthly.
My plight in this case is the direct opposite of what they network services are meant to be serving us here in Nigeria. Let me start with calling a friend who uses the same network with you , well before you can reach the person you need to ‘try again’ and that language is not new to we mobile users. Now in the case of sending 5naira , 10naira Sms to your loved ones it probably take like 20 minutes before it get to the sender and we are still not surprised cos’ we all complain it ‘network failure’ not forgetting that all network are now on the per billing second call and its 20  kobo per second or 25 kobo per second depending on the network. Well I’m still not surprised is it not Naija?

Well this is where I’m driving at now and it’s the problem most users on ‘BB’ Blackberry and it’s the issue of ‘ping me I ping you’ lol! Seriously , network has been crazy these days and we are complain about how bad the network and some of the users of ‘BB’ still argue about which network is better. Well so far before Mtn ‘emptyhen’ changed from 5,000 to 3,000 monthly for the BIS subscription, I can still vouch that their services were still preferable then than now. I’m complaining cos I spend 3,000 naira every month to subscribe the BIS service on mtn network and I don’t use 89.9% of my ’3,000’ naira every month.
What I really mean here is that before I can reach my client or ping my friend it takes prolly an hour before it delivers and now it’s the network service of mtn .

My friends will probably think I ignored them or decided not to reply their pings but I still can’t get a reply from them knowing fully well my ping has not been delivered. Most times I prefer calling so I can reach people on time before my ping delivers ‘o su mi’ and I keep complaining about how bad the network is only for me to receive a message from my network provider that I have to renew my BIS subscription and I ask myself ‘when did I subscribe? Did I really use my ‘3,000’ naira well this month? Or maybe mtn sent the wrong message to my phone? But seriously, the message I just got now on my phone is to remind me to renew my BIS subscription which will due in the next 18 hours and I have to subscribe again paying another 3,000 naira ‘sighs’

Now , it’s the case of ‘my network is better than yours’ change to this network , change to that network…. And when I ask my friends , please how fast is the network you are using  (which is different from mine) they will say its ‘manageable’ and I ask what’s the difference? And they say the difference there is that you have the time to ping during the day than at night which means the only time i’m allowed to use my BIS connection is at 12 midnight. And I don’t face this alone ,  a lot of people on the network can testify to this and also on twitter tweeps can bear me witness cos that’s when they see me tweeting..
I don’t want to change my focus on this note , my point here is that the network providers are not  serving us well and they should step up their game , they are not serving us ( customers , subscribers) better instead we get the opposite everyday and we still pay for their services. Its best they find the problem and solve it on time cos I’m sure a lot of their users would have change their network because of the poor services they provide for we the end users.
 Please change for a better service.
Thank you.

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